‘Flow Good Music’: strengthening local musical talent

“Our vision is to be an engine of change in the Colombian music scene and beyond, by promoting musical diversity and providing significant opportunities for local talents,” explains one of the platform’s creators.

He also explained the purpose of Flow Good Music and provided more details about the creation of this musical medium.

‘Flow good music’ that is an ecosystem that connects artists, producers, composers and music lovers in a space where they can collaborate, create and grow together.

We provide emerging artists with the opportunity to reach a global audience and promote their music digital platforms and social networks.

We encourage collaboration between local musicians, producers and songwriters to create new and exciting musical fusions.

We provide resources and workshops for artists’ professional development, helping them better understand the music business improve your skills.

We make it easy to host live events and concerts that give artists the opportunity to connect with their audiences on a personal level. Some of the main objectives of the platform are:

1. Support emerging artists

We want to be a springboard for emerging artists and provide them with the support needed to stand out in the music scene and access meaningful opportunities.

2. Promote local music

We are proud to promote Colombia’s rich musical tradition, including Champeta, and promoting local talents at national and international levels.

3. Sustainable Growth

We strive for sustainable growth for both our platform and the artists we represent, ensuring a lasting impact on the industry.

4. Continuous innovation

We maintain a focus on technological and creative innovation to stay ahead of musical trends and the needs of our members.

Source: El heraldo