A 200 peso coin can cost up to $150,000

Money is an important financial asset that allows people to obtain basic needs such as food, transportation, and transportation. payment for servicesnext to the good life.

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Nowadays, buying and selling old banknotes or coins has become a common topic. More and more people have become interested in it collect themoften by specialists in numismatics, a field that studies and collects these types of objects.

The banknotes and coins Ancient pieces have been an important piece for collectors after being considered rare, and for some it is even a relic worth collecting and fans of the subject do not hesitate to keep an eye on it.

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Old banknotes and coins become relevant when the design is changed and because they are out of circulation, few of them can be seen anymore, although they must have some characteristics. specific feature.

According to the TikTok account Numismaker, in the case of the currency 200 Colombian pesoscould be worth up to 150,000 pesos after it is not easy to find today.

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“If the outside of the coin, which is called ‘the cap’, has a minting error, these coins can cost around 150,000 pesos,” he said.

The account, an expert in the field of currency collecting, explained that the characteristics of the currency play an indispensable role and that in some cases it can be worth up to 750 times more than its real value, taking into account its imperfections in the design.

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Source: El heraldo