Britney Spears opened up about her volatile marriage to Jason Alexander

In a volume of 288 pages, the singer Britney Spears He reveals his life, tells details of various events that marked his childhood, adolescence and different stages, such as the situation with his father.

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The title of the autobiography will be The woman in me (The Woman I Am), a statement that gives title to a 1982 song by Donna Summer and also to a 1995 album by singer Shania Twain. It is available in Spanish from the publisher Penguin Random House.

Among the details provided by “The Little Princess of Pop” as an appetizer, it is notable that at the age of 19, when she was the girlfriend of fellow singer Justin Timberlake, she starred in a dark chapter.

The couple discovered she was pregnant in 2000, when they had been dating for barely a year, so according to the Baby One More Time interpreter, Timberlake asked her to have an abortion because he didn’t feel ready to be a father.

But he also remembers the volatile marriage he had Jason Allen Alexander, syour childhood best friend Vegas. They were only married for 55 hours.

He says they both met on a New Year’s Eve trip in 2004 and that after a few days of partying with a group of friends, including Paris Hilton, Jason and Britney Spears ended up spending the night together, something he has no idea about. .

“I don’t even remember that night, but from what I could figure out, he and I were in the hotel room and we stayed up late watching movies (Mona Lisa’s smile And The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and then we had the brilliant idea to go there Small white chapel at 4:30 in the morning,” referring to the site known for quick celebrity weddings.

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The artist also says that her family was very hard on her when they found out that she had married her girlfriend that way. “They placed too much importance on innocent fun,” he said.

“I thought a wedding in Vegas was something people could do as a joke. Then my family came and pretended to start World War III. “I cried the entire rest of the time I was in Las Vegas,” he added, saying that “I was supporting them financially at that point.”

Source: El heraldo