Journalist reported extortion with intimate photos after becoming the victim of a robbery

According to the young woman, the authorities knew that they found that an agreement had been made, but stated that they could not do anything because she had already agreed to “negotiate, while she had already blackmailed me and continued to do so.” The Public Prosecution Service also knew it and did not help me either. They agreed to send me the area’s dial number, but hours passed and they never sent me anything (…) eventually they left me alone.”

“I ended up going alone. I had to pay the ransom for my cell phone; It was the last thing I wanted, but I couldn’t buy a third cell phone because it had been stolen less than a month ago and had very valuable information on it.”

“At Gaula the motto is: ‘I don’t pay, I report’, but what’s the point of reporting, as I did, if they are so negligent and put obstacles in their way to help and leave you to your fate? fate, (…) That’s why all cell phones end at the same point on 13th Street, everyone knows it and no one does anything,” he added.

Because of the extortion, Laura Camila eventually paid the antisocials an amount of 2,300,000 pesos, However, this was not enough as the thieves told her they would publish her intimate photos and accused her of being ‘dishonest’.

“I’m going to publish those photos because they are unfair. I helped you with the delivery and you give less money. “I’m going to publish their photos because they are dishonest,” the thief said.

“Help me share. I feel so helpless because of what happened and most of all I am shocked by the negligence of the authorities. They sit idly by while they commit various crimes and there is evidence of that,” he said.

Source: El heraldo