Journalist assures that Rauw Alejandro Rosalía was unfaithful with a man

Now it is rumored that Rauw Alejandro had been unfaithful with a man at ‘La Motomami’. According to the Socialité program, the Spanish woman initially decided to end the relationship to focus on her career, taking into account that her team did not agree with the love affair.

But in addition, information emerged that surprised more than one person, because according to journalist Nuria Marín, Rauw Alejandro would have had an affair with a man in influencer Malbert’s podcast.

“What they told me is that Rosalía saw something that she did not expect and that she could not fit in (…) I think something happened to a man, it is my opinion and they told me something out there . “They told me she saw something she didn’t expect and that made her so shocked,” Marín said.

After Marín’s statements, a wave of criticism and rumors arose; However, so far the artist has not commented.

Source: El heraldo