Mattie Valk and Wietze de Jager gave a unique show for Radio555 after conflict

Mattie Valk and Wietze de Jager gave a unique show for Radio555 after conflict

Mattie Valk and Wietze de Jager will present a morning show together next Monday on Radio555, the campaign of commercial and public radio stations to raise money for the Ukrainian people. This marks the first time the two DJs have returned to radio since their clash in 2017.

The two DJs are moving from Qmusic to Sky Radio together in 2017, but Valk changed his mind at the last minute. For more money and a car, he decided to stay with Qmusic without first consulting De Jager. This led to an infamous split between the hit radio duo. As far as we know, the two never reconciled.

During her morning show with Marieke Elsinga on QMusic, Valk said: “Next Monday is going to be a pretty special time. We were asked this and we both said yes. “We thought it was a great moment to leave the past behind us.” if you look at what is happening in the world right now, it puts it into perspective to say the least, which is why we shake hands and ‘raise as much money as possible for Ukraine’.

De Jager also said he was enthusiastic about the campaign in the morning show on Radio 538. “A lot has happened, but I’m happy to put it aside for a good cause. Monday we do two hours of fun radio together and we win more. As much money as possible for the victims of the conflict in Ukraine It’s not about us now, it’s about philanthropy. So we show our unity with this and we do it together.

A different radio duo plays every two hours

Giro555 raised money on radio and television for victims of the war in Ukraine on Monday. evening, television program Together for UkraineBroadcast on NPO1, RTL 4 and SBS6.

There will also be campaigns on public and commercial radio between 06:00 and 21:00. Under the name Radio555, DJs from various stations bring a special show from Sound and Vision. This is a collaboration between NPO Radio 2, NPO 3FM, NPO Radio 5, Qmusic, 100% NL, Radio 538, Radio 10, Radio Veronica, SLAM! and sublime. The program is broadcast simultaneously on all participating channels.

Every two hours there is a different radio duo behind the microphones. In addition to Valk and De Jager, these include Gerard Ekdom (Radio 10) and Sander Lantinga (Radio 538), Domien Verschuuren (Qmusic) and Ruud de Wild (NPO Radio 2) and Coen Swijnenberg (Radio 538) and Marieke Elsinga (Qmusic). included. † †

Source: NU