Shakira shared how her life changed since she left Spain

“On the first day of school they already had friends. Luckily, they are very outgoing kids and have great friends who love them for who they are and not because they are the children of famous people. They live outdoors and have the opportunity to learn different sports, in addition to continuing to exploit their talents in music, for which they clearly have a talent.”

Shakira, in turn, also referred to the feelings aroused days before the launch of the controversial magazine. Session #53 with Bizarrap, song in which the singer tells some truths to her ex-partner Gerard Piqué and Clara Chiathe Catalan’s current girlfriend.

“Yes, there was some concern before I released the song. People on my team tried to convince me to change the text, but I’m not a diplomat UN (United Nations). I am an artist and above all a woman. I have always been honest with myself and with others and I cannot live in a world where I have to hide my feelings, where I cannot sublimate them. This is where art plays an essential function: not only the catharsis it represents, but also the ability to transform your emotions and pain into strength, into determination, like a real alchemy,” he explained.

Finally, he highlighted his achievements after two years of separation and emphasized that he now feels much stronger.

“I thought I was much more vulnerable than I am. “I understand that people have enormous resilience and can overcome anything,” he said.

Source: El heraldo