Swiss accuses Miss Colombia 2022 of losing her job

The complaint has been filed Annemarie WaltingerOlartethe alleged victim, via a letter close to El Universal newspaper.

In Waltinger-Olarte’s letter he starts by saying that Susy Luna de Manriquemother of Miss Colombia and friend of the complainant, asked her “to take Sofía to my school to learn more about the work with children.”

On June 23 this year, one day after his arrival in Swiss and where he lodged with his sister in the woman’s house, as he says: They visited the educational center aimed at children with special circumstances.

Before meeting the children, the school’s deputy director “asked me to clarify this in Spanish to Sofía and her sister, because she had warned them in English: that taking photos without permission was not allowed in the institution from parents, let alone using them on social networks for the the right of children to privacy”.

Source: El heraldo