Actor Jamie Fox has been charged in New York with sexual assault

The accuser accuses Foxx of touching her without her consent after she and her friend approached the “Ray” singer to ask for a photo while at Catch NYC restaurant in August of that year.

According to the woman’s account, Foxx agreed to take a photo, paid her a series of compliments comparing her beauty to that of actress Gabrielle Union, and then grabbed her arm. He took her from where they were and touched her breast without her consent.

In addition, according to her, the actor put “his fingers” in her “vagina and anus” until her friend came to her rescue, even though one of the Hollywood star’s bodyguards noticed the situation and He didn’t do anything to make it stop.

“Plaintiff has suffered injuries, has become ill, has suffered pain, is in distress and is incapacitated; and had to undergo medical treatment and advice” reads the lawsuit, which implicates the Catch NYC establishment itself and its owner, Mark Birnbaum, for allowing the attack through the negligent conduct of its employees.

The lawsuit seeks damages for the victim and emphasizes that Foxx’s actions will have “lasting” consequences for her as a result of the “sexual abuse and assault aggravated by violence” that has suffered.

Source: El heraldo