Married at First Sight Season 17: Is Lauren responsible for the breakdown of her marriage to Orion?


  • Lauren applauded Orion after the quirky discussion about sex and made him feel good when he was clearly upset. It felt like he was trying to control the story.
  • With each conflict, Lauren escalated the tension instead of apologizing and giving her husband space. She repeated the most difficult points without respecting his feelings.
  • Lauren’s harmful behavior came to a head when she filed for divorce. The damage has already been done and she will have a hard time recovering from her aggressive behavior.

Wedding of Lauren and Orion Married at first sight Season 17 is falling apart, and while both parties are at fault, it appears Lauren is in the wrong. Lauren and Orion started their marriage with a lot of potential. They were both attracted to each other and wanted to get to know each other’s culture. There were some early warning signs from Orion after he failed to incorporate Lauren’s feelings into his future plans when describing his ideal life to Lauren’s father. However, Orion backed off and Lauren then seemed to adjust to newlywed life.

Married at first sight Season 17 viewers watched Lauren and Orion’s honeymoon in Mexico, while the other three couples participated in the experiment. The journey was worse for her than for anyone else. Lauren made a culturally insensitive joke about her Native American husband, which caused an ongoing uproar. Lauren and Orion also had tensions with Lauren revealing that she had sex with someone two months before her wedding, while for Orion it had been a year and a half. It seemed like they were trying to solve the problems that arose, but Lauren continued to provoke negative situations.

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Lauren gassed Orion after a riotous sexual altercation

The sex talk between Lauren and Orion started off well and the two seemed excited to be intimate in the future. However, when Lauren mentioned that she had sex with someone two months ago, Orion felt very uncomfortable. So much so that he told Lauren that sex was out of the question for him. Lauren was angry that the connection with Orion had been lost and continued the argument in her hotel room. Lauren was tireless in educating Orion about his recent sexual history. It seemed like Lauren let Orion tell her that he had no problem making himself feel better.

It seemed like Lauren was trying to control the story by force, although it was her careless confession and approach to the case that left Orion feeling hurt. Lauren didn’t let Orion get angry about the situation. She planted doubts in Orion’s mind so that he would be present as if he were okay even when he was upset. It is unknown whether he did this to maintain his dignity or to save the new dynamic from further drama, but it seemed as if Orion was under pressure.

Lauren increases the tension

In each of the controversial and unfortunate situations Lauren and Orion faced, Lauren escalated the issues. Instead of giving in, she admitted that her husband was upset, gave him space, and sincerely apologized for it. “Joke‘He did it, Lauren stuck to her guns. Orion explained to her that her action was to minimize the offense, and she continued to press Orion to explain herself further when the person was clearly in pain and agony.

In the stubborn talk about sex (via Easter), Lauren continued to pressure Orion to express his feelings. He repeated the painful news that he had recently slept with someone, when he should have respected Orion’s discomfort. In both situations, Lauren beat the dead horse by climbing and repeating the most difficult points of each situation.

Lauren said she wanted a divorce

Lauren and Orion suffered a third, even bigger implosion that wasn’t caught on camera. Orion informed Lauren that he was still offended by her racist comment, and Lauren blew up at Orion, saying she wanted a divorce. The next morning, before returning to Denver, Lauren and Orion had a conversation with Pastor Cal, during which Orion admitted that he couldn’t process the joke and that it only made him feel worse as time went on. It seemed like Orion was fed up not only with the insensitive comment Lauren made, but also with the way she continued to deal with the issues.

Lauren said it was difficult for her to come back from her desire for divorce. Orion was clearly deeply affected by the altercation, and this escalation is indicative of Lauren’s continued misbehavior and outbursts. Lauren admitted it to her partner Married at first sight Season 17 co-star Clare Kerr said she filed for divorce but regretted it. Lauren can’t back down in every situation and the damage has already been done. She showed her true colors and is an aggressive being who is the main cause of how bad things have become for Orion.

Can Lauren and Orion recover from their bad honeymoon?


Orion was involved in the drama between him and Lauren, but without Lauren’s behavior and actions, things between them would never have gotten this bad. Lauren and Orion have a lot of healing to do from the things they said to each other and the unpleasant situations that occurred during their honeymoon. The duo started with a solid foundation from their wedding, the day after, and the first few days of their honeymoon, so they know what a positive relationship between them looks like. Initially, they came together because of common views, the intention to improve each other’s culture and the ability to have fun.

If the couple can work closely with experts and remain open to experiences, they still have a chance at a successful marriage. Lauren once said she was glad they were going through hard things now so there would be less drama later. However, that was before she filed for divorce. In the next episode, Lauren and Orion will start the next chapter Married at first sight Travel and return to your real life while staying in a neutral apartment. They were brought together for reasons having to do with their deep compatibility, and if they can look on the bright side, they might have a chance.

Hopefully Lauren can change some of her troubling behaviors and Orion can find it in his heart to forgive. If they don’t relieve the tension and look at the damage the honeymoon has caused, they won’t have a chance to be together. The discussion takes place at this pace Married at first sight The season 17 couple doesn’t even make it to Decision Day. However, it’s still early days and there is room for everyone to grow personally and as a couple.

Married at first sight airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST.

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