Buffy the New Slayer has poignant parallels to season six


  • Buffy serves as a mentor to Willow and Tara’s daughter Thessaly, continuing the nurturing cycle that began in Season 6.
  • The miniseries The Last Vampire Slayer follows a favor Willow and Tara did for Buffy in season 6.
  • Buffy rewards her friends’ efforts by training and mentoring Thessaly, giving her past actions a deeper meaning.

The new fighter’s training miraculously concludes a story that began in season six of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The last ongoing series, Buffy the last vampire slayersees a much older Buffy as guardian and mentor to the new Slayer Thessaly. Thessaly is now the daughter of the renamed Marrow mother Tara and the late Willow.

Thessaly’s training with Buffy is seen throughout the miniseries. Buffy the last vampire slayer by Casey Gilly and Joe Jaro. The story actually goes back to a favor Willow and Tara did in Buffy Season 6 Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The sixth season of the series will not always be remembered as fondly as the other seasons due to the more controversial or questionable moments it features.


However, a forgotten moment at the beginning of the sixth season ensures that BOOM! to connect. Studio comics about the shared adventures of Buffy and Thessaly.

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Buffy raised Willow and Tara’s daughter for herself.


To truly understand the current state of Thessaly under Buffy’s care, readers must first remember how Buffy’s sister Dawn was briefly cared for by Willow and Tara in the two-part sixth season opener, “Bargain.” At the start of season six, Buffy died while saving the world, leaving no one to raise her teenage sister in her absence, even when she inevitably returned. Enter Willow and Tara, who would unofficially become Dawn’s new guardians while Buffy was in Heaven. It wasn’t easy, as they couldn’t do it legally at the time and needed the Buffy robot to protect themselves from suspicion while Dawn lived with them, but it was a sacrifice they were happy to make.

Fast forward to the present, where Tara and Willow have long been presumed dead (Willow is dead, while Tara was presumed dead until recently when she resurfaced as Mother Marrow). Thessaly enters Buffy’s life at a time when the older Slayer is certain that all her friends are dead or long gone. In short, adopting a child and teaching her to become the next Slayer is no easy task, but like Willow and Tara before her, Buffy is willing to make the necessary sacrifice for the love of her dead friends.

Buffy Does a Favor from the sixth season of the series


Buffy takes Tess in and coaches her The last vampire hunter Things come full circle when Willow and Tara adopt Dawn in Season 6. For Buffy, passing the torch to Willow and Tara’s daughter is even more meaningful, as it allows her to reciprocate her past efforts more directly than those involved would expect. she. Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer It’s going to be a lot of nonsense, but it’s exciting to see how an easily forgotten moment from this season can pay off in the present.

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