Ted TV series: release date, trailer, cast and everything we know about the prequel


  • Based on the hit films, the Ted television series will feature the same cheeky humor and over-the-top antics that fans loved, with Ted bringing his trademark wit and humor to solve John and his classmates’ problems.
  • Seth MacFarlane reprises the voice of Ted, while Max Burkholder takes on the role of young John Bennett. The rest of the film’s original cast is not returning, but new characters have been introduced, including John’s cousin Blaire, who could be a bad influence.
  • Set in 1993, the series follows John on his way to high school with the help of Ted, who is slightly less cynical in this version. The trailer confirms that the series will retain the ridiculous humor and debauchery of the films, with a premiere date of January 11, 2024 on Peacock.

Seth MacFarlane’s infamous foul-mouthed teddy bear is returning in his own TV series, and there are already plenty of exciting updates in Peacock news. Ted Show. Based on the hit film series of the same name Ted is about a living teddy bear who, through his rude and lewd ways, bonds with teenager John Bennett and helps him deal with the various challenges of everyday life. Continuing MacFarlane’s impressive success in television and film. Ted became something of a pop culture phenomenon and even spawned a sequel a few years after its 2012 release.

Unlike many of Hollywood’s edgier comedies Ted It was even well received by critics, with many praising its cheeky and endearing humor despite its familiar plot (via rotten tomatoes). Although that’s the most important thing Ted was a box office success and managed to raise almost $550 million on a relatively small budget (via Box office mojo). This financial success ensured that a follow-up would follow in 2015. Ted2 She suffered a similar fate financially, even though there was no criticism. Ted3 It seemed like a safe bet, but after years without updates, MacFarlane’s plushie has resurfaced in a limited television series on Peacock, serving as the third installment.

Ted TV Series Latest News

As the series’ January 2024 release date approaches, Peacock has released a full trailer Ted This offers an extensive look at what the limited series has to offer. Firstly, the trailer reinforces that the same campy, bawdy humor from the films is present in the series, and Ted does his usual antics, albeit in a slightly less cynical manner. Since Ted himself is younger, he will grow and change the same way John does as he gets older.

It also appears that the chemistry between MacFarlane and his new co-star Max Burkholder is similar to his synergy with Mark Wahlberg. who played John Bennett in the films. In addition to the trailer, a new poster was also released, emphasizing the high school theme by featuring Ted and John in yearbook photos.

Ted TV series confirmed


The saga of the third. Ted The film eventually ended when it was announced in 2021 that Seth MacFarlane would be developing the lovable and disgusting teddy bear into his own television show. Little by little, the details came to light. Ted on Peacock and a series of BTS photos in November 2022 confirmed this Ted Filming is over. Peacock has made the most of its partnership with Universal Pictures and IP shows such as The Continental: From the World of John Wick AND Perfect pitch: bumper in Berlin benefited from successful film series on the small screen.

Ted TV Series Release Date


After nearly a decade of absence, Seth MacFarlane’s thunder-hating bear returns Ted begins streaming on Peacock on January 11, 2024. Ted will premiere all seven episodes simultaneously, which is in line with many Peacock originals that benefit from binge-watching. The series’ release date has been announced as November 2023, and it’s unclear if the recent Hollywood attacks have had any impact.

The WGA strike was resolved on September 27, 2023 and the SAG/AFTRA strike was resolved on November 9, 2023.

The cast of the television series Ted


With Seth MacFarlane (Family man, The Orville) so involved in the creative process that it was natural for him to return to lend his distinctive voice to the eponymous character. Ted The television series was still in limbo and following the show’s announcement, it was confirmed that none of the other cast members from the film series would be returning. Being a 1993 prequel, the lead role is John Bennett, originally played by Mark Wahlberg, but was recast with Max Burkholder (paternity) intervened.

Some other roles in the film series were also recast. Alanna Ubach (euphoria) was chosen to play Susan Bennet, the mother of John and Scott Grimes (The Orville) as Matty Bennett, his father. As the series is a prequel to the films, it is highly unlikely that any other familiar characters will return, but several new characters have already been introduced, including:


Ted’s role in a TV show

Georgia Whigham


Ara holiday


Liz Rijkman


Jacob Zelonky


David Wayne


Francesca Xuereb


Erin Moore


The history of Ted’s TV show


With the show so close to release, a story synopsis has been released that succinctly summarizes what audiences can expect Ted. The show takes place immediately after the flashbacks of the first film, in which young John Bennett (this time played by Max Burkholder) wishes for his teddy bear to come to life. Set in 1993, the series follows John as he faces the trials and tribulations of being a high school student, with a little help from Ted.

In addition to being John’s friend and confidante, Ted will follow him to school, where he will also use his wit and quirky wit to solve the problems of many of John’s classmates. As the trailer revealed, Ted is a little less cynical than he was portrayed in the films, and John’s thunder companion may face challenges of his own that leave him a little more jaded. John’s cousin Blaire (Giorgia Whigham) will also stay with the Bennetts while she studies, and she could easily be a bad influence on the naive couple.

Trailer for Ted TV show


Ahead of its release on January 11, 2024, Peacock has released a full trailer Ted This is the most revealing look at the upcoming series. Perhaps this is the most interesting. The trailer confirms that the ridiculous humor, drug references and general debauchery of the films are back in the show and TedThe high school environment did not detract from MacFarlane’s comedic style. The trailer also offers a little insight into Ted’s character, and the younger version of the stuffed animal is noticeably less tired than his adult counterpart, though he can still perform his usual antics. Ted TV program.

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