Laura Londoño won Masterchef Spain: what will she do with the money she gets?

Colombians shine abroad. Not only in music and films, but also in reality shows. The actress Laura Londono She became the first foreigner to win Master Chef Spain, competition in which she was one of the favorites to win.

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She, along with fifteen other participants, was invited to the program thanks to her participation in the novel ‘Woman-scented coffee’, in which he played ‘Seagull’ and received high praise for his impressive performance.

Now he starred in the cooking competition, which not only earned him recognition in that country, but also a sum of 320 million pesos.

At just 35 years old, Londoño has demonstrated his skills in the kitchen by taking on high-level culinary challenges. A few days ago, the actress shared her feelings about her participation in an emotional statement.

“I feel nervous, very eager and responsible. But it’s a huge joy, it’s a great triumph.” Furthermore, she revealed that the birth of her daughter was the driving force that pushed her to change and venture into the world of cooking. “The desire to feed her made me understand that providing food is a way to express love. If I held on to the idea that I cannot cook, I would not have investigated whether it was true or not. So I decided to open the door to an unknown world and I honor him,” he said.

But not everything was rosy for the actress, as she was immersed in controversies and criticism. On social networks, some users have expressed their dissatisfaction and pointed out the haughty and resentful attitude of the Colombian.

Comments like “MasterChef, please!”Laura Londono it’s unbearable! And when she sings, she does it to turn off the television” or “okay, I have a thing for Laura Londoño because she seems like a terrible MasterChef Celebrity contestant, but what a terrible look she has!” have flooded digital platforms, demonstrating a divide in public perception of the participant.

But eventually he did it. The Colombian charmed the judges with various dishes inspired by her country of origin. The entry was called ‘Eternal Spring’ and it was a soup based on pollen, honey and flowers, among other things.

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For her main course, she took more risks, as she combined Colombian and Spanish flavors with ‘Cygala Adventure in River’, as she called her creation.

And the dessert called ‘Inner Magic’, which consisted of a pyramid with a gold Quimbaya coin and flavors such as cocoa and banana, finally won over the judges. He also used coffee, typical of Colombia, as an ingredient for his last dish.

Source: El heraldo