Why does Q-dance demand that Qmusic stop programming dance music?

Why does Q-dance demand that Qmusic stop programming dance music?

More exclusive dance music programs on Qmusic and more dance music promotions online. Q-dance recently asked the court in Amsterdam. The judge will decide on Tuesday, but why does the concert promoter want that?

These are old agreements made in the distant past. In 2005, when the concert promoter did not like the name of the radio station, both parties already agreed: Q-dance and Qmusic are very similar, he argued at the time. Ultimately, the two parties agreed that the radio station could simply be called Qmusic, but only if the station was not actively promoting dance music.

According to Q-dance, Qmusic does not adhere to this agreement sufficiently. With a new show full of dance tunes on Saturday, the channel would break deals. According to a spokesperson for the channel, which is part of DPG Media, Qmusic is playing by the rules: the 2005 deal would be for hardstyle, not for dance music, on the new show.

Qmusic believes that both parties can strengthen each other. “With the Dutch launch of Qmusic, an agreement was reached seventeen years ago to prevent confusion between hardstyle dance party promoter Q-dance and the successful radio station Qmusic. Nowadays there is no confusion and that is why we find Q-dance. The radio said the complaint was unfounded.

The judge will give a written decision on Tuesday. This should be done in the afternoon.

Source: NU