“The song ‘Se memet el león’ has all the joy of the Barranquillero”

The singer Lowe León is aware of this and, being a good workman, he decided to create an urban merengue entitled ‘The lion got in’, which he believes could be ideal to enjoy the upcoming festivities.

Barranquilla is a jewel of the Caribbean. Being proud to be born in this city is not just a feeling, it’s a deep connection to your roots and that’s how Lowe feels.

“It is an urban merengue with an international sound on the eve of the end of the year, with all the energy, taste and joy that characterizes the inhabitants of Barranquilla. “It will certainly keep us dancing for the rest of the year and why not during Carnival.”

The singer and composer of the urban pop genre started this musical adventure in 2006 and participated in the Colombian reality show FACTOR in the reality show together with his group AMS5.

“Since I was little, I’ve basically always learned my attitude towards art, towards dancing, towards singing, towards acting, towards voice-over, towards all of this. But let’s say when I was about 15 years old or so. I started to have that contact with classmates who loved music and we took it upon ourselves, so to speak, to let that talent flow in the areas of singing, dancing and composition.”

After many years abroad, León returns to his country Colombia in 2019 with an urban tropical musical concept derived from Latin Pop and with irreverent fusions with rhythms such as regional Mexican rhythms, without ever forgetting his roots.

“A series of events started in my life, I left music for a while, I also devoted myself to setting up businesses, I left the country and then returned. And nothing, all you already know, the truth is that it has been a long road, so in 2019 I returned and arrived in Colombia with a proposal for urban merengue. Having already lived in Miami, in the United States, I was clearly nourished by the whole Latin American culture that is already rooted among Cubans, Dominicans, Venezuelans, Colombians and Puerto Ricans. And I took a bit of that mix and adapted it to urban merengue.”

He stands out for loving with passion and making music with responsibility. He comes up with daring musical proposals that arise from his love for this art that he carries in his blood because he comes from a music-loving family. He also spent time exploring regional Mexican music.

“I’ve done some explorations into regional music, which I could also listen to in the United States, on the West Side, there in Dallas. And I arrived, I made a song at the time called El Cabrón, and after El Cabrón I started making other popular songs, or regional Mexican songs, obviously with my touch.

León is an extremely sensitive singer-songwriter. He is characterized by surviving the difficulties of his childhood and working every day without losing focus on making his habitat a safe place for those who enter his environment and those who manage to know his true essence.

“The song came out within half an hour. It was a moment, a muse, at one point I was in the city of Medellín, this song was not going to be released. The idea was to come here to Colombia. My producer was from Los Angeles, I was from Spain. Another colleague who lived here in the city of Barranquilla, a composer, arrived there in Medellín. And well, this song came out, the idea was to finish writing it and return. Anyway, a feeling told me: I like this song, it’s a good theme.”

‘Se meme el león’ was composed with his music producer Juan Francisco Parra and Benjamín Cordero during a music camp in the city of Medellín.

The music video takes place in a colorful environment with lots of dancing that invites partying, where Lowe León took the risk to show his irreverent side with an emphasis on his Barranquilla roots. Carnival, dance, color, Latin American music and the passion for mixing rhythms when composing and creating music are in his blood. generates the energy that the song projects.

Making music is a fascinating process that allows artists to express their emotions and connect with their audiences in unique ways. In the musical world, every song tells its own story, and knowing the details behind the composition can further enrich the experience for listeners.

“I am fascinated by composing, I have a family of composers, my grandparents, my uncles, they are all singers, arrangers, composers, musicians, madmen, bohemians. So I come from that side of the family with an enormous responsibility for art, music and composition.”

The ambition to collaborate with leading artists, such as Shakira, is a dream that drives many talents and for Lowe this global star is no exception.

“The truth is that I also long to make a performance with my compatriot Shakira, a person whom I greatly admire from the point of view of professional, as a mother, as an artist, a very versatile woman, who can go out with a bolero, which can come out with a berengue, which can come out with a romantic pop song, which can come out with so many fusions.

Source: El heraldo