Research shows that networks can promote addiction in adolescents

The above finds support when compared with another analysis conducted by the World Health OrganisationWHO, which claims that the lack of regulation of commercializationadvertising and cross-border promotion of alcohol have a negative effect on young people and consumers of these types of drinks.

The report indicates that controls on alcohol marketing are very limited compared to those required in other countries. psychoactive products. He argued that “with better regulation of alcohol marketing, which is well applied and more coherent, it could be saved life would improve of young people around the world”, and recalled that its consumption “deprives young people, their families and societies of their lives and potential”.

They point to the increasing use of social networks advertisement of alcoholare the perfect target to attract young people, and “a large part of marketing growth of alcohol takes place thanks to social networks.”

The studies conclude that although the consumption of alcohol is affected by multiple factorshas been shown “the link between advertising and increased consumption and also the Higher risk become a habitual drinker,” noting that, if the advertisement consumption of alcoholic beverages would decrease.

Source: El heraldo