They had a fight with a Barranquilla girl: Carlos Vives over Shakira’s breakup

For now the barranquilla He enjoys his successes with his children. just won three Latin Grammyone of which thanks to the pop song of the year BZRP Music Session #53 ft Bizarrap.

“People on my team have tried that convince me that the texts have been changed, but I am not a diplomat of the UN. I am an artist and above all a woman. I always have been honestly with myself and with others and I can’t live in a world where I have to hide my feelings, where I can’t I can sublimate them”.

The sun was shining in Miamijust as he expected when he packed his last bags Barcelona. He claimed he had never seen Milan and Sasha so happy.

“I have never seen my children so happy. They go to their extracurricular activities without anyone chasing themnot like in Barcelona where we had paparazzi at the door every day. They live a free life and normal like two regular kids, not like celebrity kids. In Spainthe children could not go to school in peace and the situation we experienced with the press, where they were even persecuted to the door of his school, it was unbearable.”

Source: El heraldo