Dominic Wolf denounces the threats because of the t-shirts he sells

“I have a lot of insults, hate messages and even threats of death, and this has to stop. I have been making positive videos for several yearswhereby the name of Colombia remains high, and I also have my businesses here in Colombia and I always conduct them according to Colombian law and always with good valuesWolf noted.

This is the third time the influencer has had a problem with the T-shirts that sellsince last August 14, he noted that the FCF asked him to download the videos in which he appears wearing the team’s jersey because “he was unlawfully using the distinctive signs“.

“In the terms of Decision 486 of 2000, since the use of the Dress and the official T-shirt of the Colombian national team it hasn’t been like that soiled nor authorized,” reported the Federation on that occasion.

It was after this episode that Wolf decided to launch his own line Colombian t-shirts

Source: El heraldo