French historians denounce Napoleon’s historical inaccuracies: “A great disappointment”


  • French historians criticize the Napoleon film for its historical inaccuracies, including confusing age statements, a grotesque horse scene and the bombing of the pyramids.
  • The film’s portrayal of Napoleon is considered mediocre and does not show his positive influence on French society through the creation of the Napoleonic Code.
  • The film is also criticized for taking a pro-British view of history and for failing to mention Napoleon’s reintroduction of slavery in the French West Indies, which is his biggest regret.

French historians continue to denounce this Napoleon film due to its many historical inaccuracies. Directed by Ridley Scott, the film follows the rise and fall of the titular French Emperor (played by Joaquin Phoenix), focusing on his numerous military campaigns and volatile relationship with Empress Joséphine (Vanessa Kirby). Napoleon Reviews were mixed, especially from French critics, who criticized the film’s many historical inaccuracies.

diversity He spoke with two French historians, Patrice Gueniffey and Romain Marsily, who discussed it in more detail Napoleon The film’s historical inaccuracies. Gueniffey – who considered the film”A big disappointment“-contradicts the times”All mixed,” For “grotesque” scene with a horse and the bombing of the pyramids. Marsily had nothing against the fictional bombing of the pyramids, although he disagrees with the film.difficult“Representation of Napoleon as”mediocre“Character who fails to demonstrate his positive influence on French society through the creation of the Napoleonic Code. Read some of his comments below:

Guniffey: Josephine was a wise woman who already had a life when she married Napoleon, this younger and very ambitious man. This dynamic changes completely in the movie because Napoleon looks much older… I’m not against fictional scenes, but when we saw Napoleon reach into the wounded horse to take the bullet and hand it to his mother, I liked it so grotesque. He had a very distant relationship with his mother.

Napoleon killed many people in Egypt, but he did not touch any landmarks. He took 130 scholars on this expedition to take stock of Egyptian civilization. Therefore, we must thank Napoleon for the creation of ancient Egyptian studies.

martial: This movie is like spitting in the face of the French because it looks like Ridley Scott was making fun of Napoleon and French history… In France there is a fascination with Napoleon, even among people who hate him for ending slavery reintroduced in France. West Indies and for his abuse of power when he became Emperor of France, but even these people are disappointed in the film because it doesn’t meaningfully address his legacy, good or bad.

Napoleon was a symbol of meritocracy because he triumphed despite not being a nobleman, but if you saw the movie you would think he was a complete idiot. Napoleon was no saint and no one expected Scott to give an evangelical interpretation of him, but his Napoleon is so grotesque that you wonder how he got there.

Why French historians criticize the film Napoleon


Ahead of Napoleon’s November 22 release date, the trailer was criticized by television historian Dan Snow in a viral TikTok, who, like Gueniffey, questioned the fact that Napoleon “He didn’t shoot the pyramidsduring the Battle of the Pyramids in Egypt. Another point of Snow’s criticism was that Marie Antoinette “The celebrity had very short hair before the executionHowever, Ridley Scott’s response to this criticism was short and simple, telling fact checkers:Get a life“.

In addition to historical inaccuracies, Ridley Scott’s theory Napoleon The film has also been criticized by French historians for being a “Very anti-French and very pro-British.“View of history, as Gueniffey says. The film was mainly criticized for not mentioning that Napoleon had reintroduced slavery in the French West Indies after its abolition during the French Revolution. Marsily explains:

This was what Napoleon regretted most, because Napoleon, like every revolutionary, was in favor of abolition. But when he became Emperor of France, he made this decision under political pressure and in a complicated geopolitical context with the British.

Ridley Scott didn’t hold back when he responded to French criticism of him Napoleon No movies either, just kidding.’The French don’t even love themselves.The English director also admitted that, despite numerous historical inaccuracies, the film was appreciated by the majority of viewers.

Napoleon will stream on Apple TV+, but no release date has been announced yet.

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