Bas Muijs considers proposal after a heart attack

Bas Muijs had a heart attack last December and had to undergo heart surgery immediately afterwards. Now she has recovered a bit and looks at life differently. “Don’t delay any longer. If you want to do something special, do it. I’m 45 now, that’s later.”

His love for Sabine also changed. “Because you love each other more and you know how special it is to still be together. At that point, the relationship became even stronger.”

Bas never knelt in front of his girlfriend, but now says to RTL Avenue: “I have to think about this for a while, because this is actually the best there is.” The actress and her partner Emma 7 are the proud parents of Daan 4 and Annelie 2. “Having three children is already a sign of love, but marriage may be even more important.” suitable now. †

Because Bas was very busy with the children in his own house, he went to live with his family for two weeks after the operation. “Then came to light old tires that are still in my father’s attic.” Cassettes that were never released but contain great music by actor and presenter. Streaming music is easier than it used to be, Bas thought, and that’s why he put his father’s music on Spotify. “I’ll do this for you.” Old tires have been restored and restyled. The music was even released on CD and vinyl in America, where Bas’ father’s band, Stars On 45, was once big.

Source: RTL