Passion Crucified on Media Inside: ‘Reli Porn’

The hosts were Gijs Groenteman and Marcel van Roosmalen, as well as Hila Noorzai and Thijs Römer. And the second finds the TV show Passion not to look at. Pointing to the religious nature of the annual event, the actress said: “I think it’s the ugliest thing Dutch television has produced. I really think it’s porn again,” she says. “There’s nothing wrong with that in itself, but don’t bother me with that.”

Thijs was repeatedly invited to participate, but declined the honor. “Reli let me know that I like porn and it’s been very quiet on this side ever since.” Hila Noorzai, who wanted to see it for the first time this year, also didn’t include the ending of the Jesus story: “We burned it and then I fell asleep.”

Television critic Marcel van Roosmalen doesn’t like it either. “Honestly, I think it’s disgusting television. (…) I found it difficult to watch. I really liked it.”

Source: RTL