Rosalía, Sofía Vergara and Valdiri, among the famous people who broke up in 2023

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

It was in September that the couple confirmed their divorce after four years of marriage.

Through a text circulated on social networks, they announced the news, stating that this was due to a “mutual agreement.” The marriage left behind two girls, three and one year old.

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro

It was abrupt. When they seemed more in love than ever, both singers broke up after a three-year relationship and a promise of commitment.

“I love Raúl very much, respect and admire him. Don’t mind the movies, we know what we’ve been through. This moment is not easy, so I want to thank everyone for understanding and respect,” the Spaniard published on her networks on July 27, after speculation about infidelity committed by the Puerto Rican.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Maganiello

Through a statement, and after speculation that they had not been together for months, the Barranquilla woman confirmed the divorce on her networks.

“We have made the difficult decision to divorce. As two people who love and care deeply about each other, we politely ask that our privacy be respected in these times when we are going through a new phase of our lives,” the spokesperson said. actress posted after ending a seven-year relationship.

Andrea Valdiri and Felipe Saruma

“I had a very nice marriage with Saru, and what I learned is that a marriage is not about four or five, but a marriage is about two people, and the decisions are made between the two people… There are things which is non-negotiable either for the person or for me. One thing I will not tolerate is hypocrisy. From the beginning, when you get married, you must tell the truth. I cannot live in that hypocrisy because I get sick,” was the explanation given by Andrea Valdiri about her divorce with Felipe Saruma, one of the most controversial events of the year in national entertainment.

Source: El heraldo