Dr. Who explained the special returning companions of the century?

Dr. Who explained the special returning companions of the century?

დეგიNext the doctor who Centenary Special brings back classic teams Ace (Sophie Aldredy) and Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding), and here’s what the public should know about them. Current the doctor who Showrunner Chris Chibnall grew up to be a fan of the classic series in the 1980s and as a result, his work has become increasingly nostalgic. The climax is predicted the doctor who Centennial Special, described as a kind of love letter to the BBC, with lots of Easter eggs for the tall Whovians.

Classic the doctor who Teammates Tegan Giovanka and Ace return after this the doctor who One Hundred Years Special, the final episode of Jody Whitaker as the Thirteenth Doctor. The exact nature of their return is unknown, though the dialogue reveals that neither of them has heard from the Doctor for decades; These two may be related to events in the newly released audio drama Doctor Who: Edited, in which the Doctor’s old friends and allies are erased from history. If so, the BBC is essentially using the free audio drama as a continuation of the story, despite delays caused by the corovirus pandemic.

Who knows the classics the doctor who The series will no doubt be happy with the return of Tegan and Ace. However, many others don’t really know who these women are, especially since the show has only aired them since 2005. Here’s everything a viewer needs to know about this classic prop before it returns.

Ace is the classic companion of the Seventh Doctor

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There is a feeling that Sophie Aldred’s ace was the first the doctor who Countryman because he did much more than yell and ask questions. Introduced in the Dragonfire story in 1987, Ace was a mystery solved by the seventh doctor, Sylvester McCoy, a teenager from Perivale, who was brought to the planet Iceworld by a mysterious time storm. The Doctor gradually learned that one of his former enemies, Fenrik, had inspired him there, but Ace successfully overcame Fenrik’s influence and became one of his closest allies. However, the relationship between the Doctor and Ace was difficult because the Seventh Doctor was a manipulative chess player who often used Ace as one of his pawns and was sometimes suspected of recklessly sacrificing him if he saw fit.

Ace’s story ended abruptly when the BBC canceled it the doctor who 1989; Last seen in the classic “survival” scenario, the production team quickly reached an optimistic conclusion when they realized the show hadn’t been updated. The following years saw the doctor who Reinvent yourself though, through a franchise that sustains itself through connections. Asi’s story remained popular new adventures Range, where he became a Dalek killer dressed in a cat costume. Recent novels, however, tell a different story, with Aldred’s own book. THEthe end of childhood He revealed that he left the doctor to spend it on a charitable fund to help make the world a better place. He appears to have used his time in the TARDIS as an opportunity to make wise investments that have grown to this day, making him a wealthy philanthropist. The the doctor who However, a special trailer for Centenary hinted that this particular story could have been canceled because it featured a dialogue where Ace claimed he hadn’t known a doctor in 30 years, and in the book, he worked with Jodie Whitaker’s thirteenth doctor for a while. Aldred tweeted to fans that this story doesn’t exclude other accounts from existence, it just means there are different (equally correct) timelines.

The trailer hinted at the return of one of his signature items, an overloaded baseball bat, a beautiful symbol of his character. In the story of “Memory of the Daleks”, fittingly, another birthday adventure, the Doctor gives Ace a baseball bat, proving the power of an ancient Gallifrian artifact known as the omega hand. He quickly used it to destroy the Daleks, proving that Ace shouldn’t really stand trial. The baseball bat was destroyed because Ace used it with great enthusiasm, but the Doctor presumably repaired it and put it away after it left the TARDIS.

Tegan Jovanka is a classic companion of the Fifth Doctor

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Tegan Iovanka, played by Janet Fielding, made his debut in 1981 in the short story “Logopolis”. It was Tom Baker’s story of regeneration, and he saw Tegan, a flight attendant from Australia, run into the life of a doctor as he entered the TARDIS in hopes that the police would call for help after the TARDIS crash. The car (funny, that was only when someone broke into the TARDIS and tried to use it as a police station). Tegan quickly embarked on a series of adventures with his companions, Nisa and Adric, forming a strong friendship with Peter Davison’s fifth doctor. Tegan left the TARDIS when the Doctor was finally able to get him back to Heathrow, but again crossed paths with the Doctor when his cousin was hit in the Time Lord’s various machinations. This time he became a desire traveler.

Tegan had one of the most moving performances in the classic series. Meeting the Daleks left him tired and broken, and he shared a difficult and painful farewell with the doctor, telling him enough was enough. The doctor left his companion without a proper goodbye, leaving Tegan standing looking at the missing TARDIS and talking into the air; Doctor, I miss you.“It’s interesting to name so many the doctor who Companions returning from an anniversary special had a difficult relationship with a doctor, which may indicate that this episode highlights the doctor’s frequent rude treatment of companions.

However, there is another connection between Ace and Tegan. Ace’s parting story “Survival” portrayed a lesbian subtext in response to then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s anti-gay policies, though clothing decisions sadly overshadowed that. Meanwhile, longtime viewers believe that Tegan and his partner Nisa were in a lesbian relationship, and Russell T. Davis confirmed this romantic theory in a short story published during the 2020 pandemic. Doctor Who: Flow It launched an LGBTQ+ romance arc for Jodie Whitaker’s Thirteenth Doctor and her current partner Yaz, who specializes in springtime specials, so it seems very fitting that Chibnall returns two classic companions related to the LGBTQ+ communities. Only time will tell if they have really developed in recent times. the doctor who No matter how special.

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