Bachelor alum Shawn Booth reveals first photos of his newborn son


  • Bachelor alum Shawn Booth and his partner Dre welcomed their son Locks Joseph Booth. The couple chose to keep the details of the pregnancy private.
  • Shawn and Dre shared photos of their new son on Instagram and Bachelor Nation congratulated them on the birth of their bundle of joy.
  • Shawn and Dre have kept their relationship and personal life relatively private, but sharing their baby’s name with their fans was an emotional moment for them and Bachelor Nation.

Secondary school Alum Shawn Booth introduced his new baby to Audrey “Dre” Joseph and expressed his joy after documenting Dre’s pregnancy on social media. After appearing in Secondary school In season 11 with Kaitlyn Bristowe, Shawn became an important part of her Bachelor education Nation. Although she was later engaged to Kaitlyn Secondary school Season 11, Shawn’s relationship with him Bachelor education The country’s favorite had a problem after several years together and the couple decided to part amicably. Shawn lived in Nashville, Tennessee, and worked at his personal training studio, Booth Camp. finally started his own podcast, In the cabinKeep your love life private.

Shawn and Dre shared photos of their new baby on Instagram. “HE was born on December 12th. was born at 1:13 pm and it’s the best thing that ever happened to us. Shawn shared it along with several photos of his son. Both in the hospital and at home, Shawn, Dre and their dogs adjusted to the new people in their lives.

Bachelor education The nation came out in full force to congratulate Shawn and Dre on their new arrival, reacting excitedly to the post. “Congratulations!” Bachelor party AND Bachelor in paradise Student Jared Haibon shared: “He is pretty!”


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Shawn reveals his baby’s name


Although Shawn and Dre were excited about the pregnancy, they decided to keep the details private and not know the baby’s gender. When he announced his birth to the world, it was finally revealed that Shawn and Dre had a son. After months of curiosity, Shawn revealed that his baby’s name was Locks Joseph Booth. Both Shawn and Dre have started using the castle emoji in their posts in recent days, happily sharing photos of their son with the world.

In early 2023, Shawn announced she was having a child with Dre, which she mentioned on her podcast. Although they didn’t say anything about their relationship, the couple said they were co-parenting their baby and seemed to be living together. While the pregnancy was a shock to fans, it was equally shocking to Shawn and Dre, who had no plans to have a child. Despite the surprise, they were both eager to start a new chapter of their lives together. The couple documented their pregnancy on Instagram, sharing milestones and preparations leading up to the birth of their son Locks in December 2023.

Although Shawn and Dre seem to keep their lives very private and likely won’t reveal much about their child in the future, it was exciting to reveal their baby’s name to fans. Bachelor education nation. Even though Shawn hasn’t been a part of the series for years, it’s heartwarming to know that he’s built a strong fan base that continues to follow him long after the experience. As Shawn and Dre enter their new chapter of parenthood, it will be interesting to see what they choose to share and what Secondary school The winner chooses to remain private.

Source: Shawn Booth/Instagram

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