Officer Ricarda reported that he had been drugged and robbed in Cartagena

Through various videos on his Instagram stories, where he has gathered more than 180,000 followers, he said that this Monday, December 18 he woke up naked in a motel where he had not registered without his belongings.

“I remember passing out and that was it. I woke up naked, in a motel, I didn’t have my stuff, I vomited a lot, a lot… I was in a normal circle of friends, I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink alcohol, I just took energizers. I think he gave me the drugs in the drinks he gave me.. I asked the driver of the Indriver to drop him off at his hotel and I went to mine, he gave me the last drinks in the car and from that moment on I felt nothing,” said Flórez.

The message says ‘La Ricarda’, from San Jacinto, but located in Barranquilla, He added advice for community members, making sure they take care of themselves because of how vulnerable they can be on the streets.

Source: El heraldo