Bride said “I don’t accept it” in the middle of the wedding in Córdoba: “My children first”

Jesica Avilés decided to vent and explain the reasons why she didn’t want to to marry with her fiancé. He assured that his refusal had to do with the bad relationship he has with him father in law and that this would have consequences for them children.

“He dad does not agree with this. Santiago’s father lied to me. “He told me that his father was very happy, that his father had paid for the wedding,” the bride said.

He added: “He is guided by his father, so I am not getting married. How he treated my daughters when I arrived! First my children, I told you that. I came because I discovered this was now here. Here! If I know, I won’t come.”

The notary quickly announced the termination of the agreement wedding and left the place. However, guests had to stay longer to cover the costs of the event, one of the attendees said in a video.

Source: El heraldo