Homelander can save Butcher in The Boys season 4 (but not for the reason you think)


  • In Boys In Season 4, Butcher’s terminal illness may prompt Homelander to turn him into a Super.
  • Homelander’s act seems like a mercy, but in reality it would be Butcher’s worst nightmare.
  • Turning Butcher into Supe would further intensify their intense and violent rivalry.

In Boys Season 4 Billy Butcher managed to find his unlikely savior in Homelander, but for a surprising reason. Boys This was shown in the season three finale. Butcher’s continued abuse of V24 resulted in him becoming terminally ill. While all seems lost for the leader of the Boys, his evil nemesis may not be willing to let his opponent escape so easily. Homelander and Butcher have had a heated rivalry throughout the series. so far, and Boys Season 4 may not be where it ends.

Butcher initially faced V24 to defeat Homelander, but it became clear that Butcher, like Supe, enjoyed the temporary magic the drug provided. Under the influence of V24, Butcher’s strength can rival that of Homelander, achieving similar levels of strength and even laser vision. With the help of Soldier Boy in it Boys In Season 3, V24 coursed through Butcher’s veins when he nearly succeeded in killing the figurehead of Vought International.


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Homelander could turn Butcher into a superhero out of spite in season 4 of The Boys

It wouldn’t be an act of kindness.

Homelander doesn’t enjoy much more than being the most powerful man in the room, but he still enjoys the thrill of a challenge. He also enjoys his hatred of Billy Butcher and the rest of his crew. Knowing Butcher will die may push Homelander to find a desperate way to prolong their bitter war. Homelander isn’t a doctor, but he has full access to something that could help him save Butcher from the abyss: officially turning Karl Urban’s character into a Super. Boys Season 4.


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Butcher is powerful in V24, but his abilities inevitably diminish due to the temporary nature of the connection. Although his incurable condition was caused by V24, he was cured by the medicine in its purest form. Compound V is what Vought International gives to very young children so that their skills can develop and they can become Supers. Homelander finds no challenge in overcoming Butcher in his current state, so Anthony Starr’s character could push pure Compound V into Butcher’s veins. Making Butcher a full-time supervisor seems like an act of mercy at first glance, but in reality, as Homelander knows all too well, it would be his worst nightmare.

Homelander’s transformation of Butcher into a superhero would further intensify their rivalry

It would become even more violent.


Homelander and Billy Butcher already have enough reasons to despise each other. Psychological and physical warfare burned intensely in the first three seasons BoysBut such a move by Homelander would further escalate the ongoing battle. Both Homelander and Butcher are filled with hatred, but Homelander takes it one step further by turning him into something he hates so much that it’s a sure way to guarantee more violence.

Butcher’s current motivations for taking down Homelander revolve around what the hooded killer did to Butcher’s wife. The motivation to change Butcher would only increase his already burning anger. Butcher would reach the point where he is now not only unable to resist the temptation to kill Homelander, but permanently unable to perform this feat. Not that Boys It needs a bit more drama, but it would certainly provide that.

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