César Escola makes it clear whether he is experiencing an economic crisis

The renowned Argentinian musical director and presenter Cesar EscolaThe 62-year-old became a trend on social networks this week after an interview emerged in which he revealed that he has outstanding financial debts that will prevent him from being out of work for long, in addition to the costs he has to pay. support his family.

Escola made the statements on ‘La sala de Laura Acuña’, an interview program available on YouTube in which she talked about her personal life and professional career, told anecdotes and confessed unknown details about her family.

One of the topics of the interview was his work as a judge on the hit reality show ‘Yo me llama’, which had its season finale on December 11, together with actress Amparo Grisales and popular music singer Pipe Bueno.

At the end of the singer imitation competition, many wondered what César Escola would do and the Argentinian responded in ‘La sala de Laura Acuña’ that he would continue working on ‘Caracol Televisión’, but behind the cameras, in some of the programs that the channel will offer next year.

“I have debts just like everyone else. You have the honor to be in front of a camera, but this is a profession and it is a job. And even if I don’t work, I have nothing to feed my family.” Escola stated.

However, the presenter had to go out on Thursday, December 21, to clarify his financial situation, because, as he said, his words have been misinterpreted.

Escola pointed out that when he spoke about his debts, he did not want to suggest that he is experiencing an economic crisis, as has been said on social networks, and assured that his employment situation is stable.

“First of all, thank God, and because of my work I am not in a situation of need. I did an interview with @LauraAcuna in which I noted that like everyone else I have to work to pay off the debts one normally has : taxes, health, market, etc. And “That in extreme situations like the pandemic I had no difficulty baking empanadas, on the contrary, I felt very proud to give my people the example that everything can be done,” wrote him on his X account.

Source: El heraldo