The Marvel Universe needs a new incarnation of this early 2000s X-Team


  • The X-Treme Sanctions Executive (XSE) was a mutant peacekeeping force that operated with legal authority to intervene in mutant human conflicts around the world.
  • XSE was an important milestone in improving relations between mutants and humans and combating anti-mutant bigotry.
  • The revival of the XSE could have a significant impact on the dynamics between humans and mutants, whether they work for or against the mutants’ cause.

He X Men They’ve put together countless different casts, each dedicated to the mutant cause in their own way. From X-Factor to X-Force, the methods and status of these teams vary depending on their specific missions, and no two X-Teams are exactly the same. With the fate of Earth’s mutant population more dire than ever, a device that could bring the world back first appeared in the pages of X Treme X Men.

Officially classified as the X-Treme Sanctions Executive, this group of mutants fought together alongside the X Treme X Men Series written by X-Men icon Chris Claremont, alongside Salvador Larroca, Igor Kordey and many others. Led by Storm, these X-Treme mutants functioned for a time as a peacekeeping force recognized by the United Nations.


As such, they were legally allowed to intervene in conflicts between mutant humans around the world. With fan-favorite members like Bishop, Rogue, and others in the cast, XSE ultimately became a major milestone in mutant-human relations, an area where the X-Men could certainly use some massive improvements given their current existential importance. Conflict with Orchis.

X-Treme times require X-Treme reactions


Assuming that much of the post-Orchis world remains after the end of the Krakoan Age of Mutants, humanity needs to be reminded that the X-Men have always been there and always will be, all over the world to protect them even if they hate them. . Yes, fighting alongside heroes like Captain America and Iron Man helps “legitimize” them in the eyes of their potential critics, but it’s important for the X-Men to remind people that mutants have been fighting for a long time to survive. that the Avengers and their allies began to take relations between humans and mutants seriously. In many ways, the X-Treme Sanctions Executive may have been the precursor to the now active Avengers Unity Squad.

Both are officially recognized entities that serve as touchstones in human-mutant relations, and both struggle quite often with their part in anti-mutant bigotry. While the Supernatural Avengers certainly have their place in reshaping humanity’s perception of mutants, the X-Treme Sanctions Executive would ultimately be just as necessary in the current era of the Marvel Universe. Yet no one would hesitate to form Orchis and create their own They have already demonstrated that they are willing to use such tactics, as evidenced by the false flag of Captain Krakoa and the new Mutant Liberation Front.

A mutant-led peacekeeping force could have enormous consequences


A team of ineffective or downright evil mutants could completely sabotage the X-Men’s cause and further fuel the conflict they’re supposedly trying to avoid. Other Orchis-backed entities, such as the Mutant Liberation Front and even Sable International, are also working to undermine the validity of the Mutant Cause, a tainted or corrupted version of the Mutant Peacekeeping Operation that first appeared in X Treme X Men This would both harm the team and contribute to a true resurrection of the team. It’s just a question of who will get the X-Treme Sanctions Executive back first and how willing they are to compromise their ideals.

The X-Men are known for their series of spinoffs, but few lineups are as underrated or as important as this one. Especially when you consider that the original concept was not fully utilized, meaning that more needs to be done. with him in a creative way. Regardless of whether a revived incarnation works for or against the mutant cause, as an officially sanctioned mutant entity it would have a major impact on human-mutant dynamics around the world. Whatever the case, the Marvel Comics universe is in dire need of a return to one of the world’s most interesting concepts. X Tremo X-men.

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