Fargo Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: Dot’s backstory and 7 more revelations


  • “Linda” focuses on Dot’s story and introduces Tillman’s other missing wife, Linda, to Camp Utopia.
  • Dot needs Linda’s help to defeat Tillman, but Linda is reluctant to join her.
  • Dot has a serious collision and wakes up in the hospital where Tillman is waiting for her.

This article contains references to domestic violence and sexual violence.

Warning: This article contains spoilers Fargo Season 5 (until episode 7).

Fargo Season 5, Episode 7 finally introduces Sheriff Tillman’s other missing wife, explains the rest of Dot’s story and offers even more exciting revelations. “Linda” was directed by Sylvain White from a script by series creator Noah Hawley and April Shih, who have previously worked on other FX shows such as You’re the worst AND David. The episode is named after Tillman’s other missing wife, Linda, who visits Dot to ask for her help in bringing Tillman to justice. Meanwhile, Gator chases Ole Munch through his new home (and runs afoul of his elderly landlady along the way).

After Dot was absent from last week’s episode, it’s everyone else’s turn to take a backseat as she returns to the spotlight in episode 7. Wayne, Lorraine, and Deputy Olmstead are largely absent from this episode after they face a having played a prominent role in episode 6. , “Linda” focuses on where Dot went after leaving the Olmstead house in the middle of the night at the end of episode 5, and of course on Linda herself. From a mistaken identity murder case in Ole Munch’s house to a puppet show detailing the missing pieces of Dot’s origin story. Fargo The final episode of season five is full of big revelations.

8th Ole Munch kills his landlady’s son

Ole Munch knows how to wield an axe


As episode 7 begins, the old woman Ole Munch lives with is now visited by her obnoxious son, who demands she give him some money. So she has nothing to give him and he tries to blackmail Ole Munch to get some money for the rent. instead of. Ole Munch gives him a wad of money from the wallet Sheriff Tillman gave him, but he has no intention of giving it to his son. When the son leaves, Ole Munch comes out of the house with an ax and stabs him. This shows how ruthless and vengeful Ole Munch is.

7 Sheriff Tillman’s other missing wife Linda revealed

Known in her community as “Santa Linda”.

After Dot was absent in episode 6, you see her driving across the country to confront Tillman at the beginning of episode 7. Along the way, she stops at Camp Utopia, a refuge for survivors of abusive relationships, run by Tillman’s other missing wife, Linda. , which the residents “St. Beautiful.” All these residents act out their stories with dolls, giving Dot insight into the abuse she suffered at Tillman’s hands. At Camp Utopia everyone is called Linda. They must win new cards to change this: a woman called “Beautiful ” introduces Dot. It turns out that Dot has a complicated history with St. Linda.

6 Dot needs Linda’s help to defeat Roy.

But Linda is reluctant to join her.


Dot goes to Camp Utopia because she needs St. Linda’s help to bring Sheriff Tillman to justice; She can’t do this alone. It is implied that Linda is Gator’s biological mother. When Dot tries to convince Linda to return to the Tillman community with her, she tells him that she saw Gator and thinks he wants to be good (but this could have just been a manipulation tactic, since Gator was there the whole time and showed very little). friendliness during the season). ). Linda is reluctant to leave with Dot, at least not until they resolve their previous differences in court.

5 Gator kills Ole Munch’s landlady (believing he killed Ole Munch himself)

The tracking device was worth it


Gator uses the tracking device he placed on Ole Munch’s car in last week’s episode to find the old woman’s house where Ole Munch lives. Gator aims his gun at a silhouette in a rocking chair in the window and shoots him in the head, believing he has killed Ole Munch. But The Silhouette belongs to the corpse of the landlady’s son, which Ole Munch dropped into the chair and swung back and forth with a rope attached to it to fool his would-be killer. Before leaving, Gator pushes his landlady onto the sidewalk and fractures her skull, leaving her dead as well.

4 Dot completes the rest of her story in a puppet show

Dot’s origins are fully developed


As usual at Camp Utopia, Dot completes her story with a puppet show. Dot, when she was still called Nadine, met Linda at the age of 15 in a supermarket. Linda saved Nadine from a burglar and brought her home to her husband Roy and their son Gator. Linda suggested that Roy teach Nadine, and he ultimately agreed. Dot feels that Linda pushed her into the arms of an abusive man to save herself. When Linda visited her sister, Dot turned around: “the lady of the house“Until she came back and then her relationship with Roy started.

3 Linda agrees to join Dot

Tillman’s women unite to take him down


After Dot tells her story during a puppet show and is embraced by the other residents of Camp Utopia, Linda eventually agrees to help Dot in her effort to bring Sheriff Tillman to justice. Dot has resented Linda for years for manipulating her into a relationship with Roy. , which effectively changes her life, but ultimately she manages to overcome this grudge by telling the truth and making peace with Linda. Now Tillman’s two missing wives join forces to track him down. If they reach the commune, they may even be able to convince Tillman’s current wife, Karen, to join them.

two Dot is knocked unconscious in a violent collision

A serious truck accident sent Dot to the hospital

The first trailer for Fargo In season 5, there was a scene with a major accident where a truck crashed into a row of parked cars. This accident finally happens in episode 7 and it’s not just a spectacle; It has a major impact on the main character: on the way to Tillman’s cult community, Dot stops at a restaurant to get something to eat. While leaving the restaurant, the truck seen in the trailer crashes into the parking lot, throwing many cars into its path. One of these cars crashes into Dot, knocking her unconscious.

1 Roy finally catches up to Dot

He infiltrates the hospital and pretends to be Wayne


After a truck accident, Dot wakes up in a hospital bed. A nurse arrives and says her husband is there to see her. She asks if he is Wayne and the nurse says yes, but the man who enters the room is not Wayne; It’s Tilman. After searching for her for seven episodes, Tillman finally meets Dot. At first she is speechless. She planned to confront him, but not like this. The episode leaves the audience in suspense, saving the tense and explosive confrontation between the two characters for the next part of Fargo.

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