What do the actors of ‘Fair Play’ look like after 18 years of being a novel?

Andrés Mauricio Sandoval Mejía, born November 18, 1982 in MedellinAntioquia, is a Colombian actor, director, screenwriter, producer and educator, currently 41 years old.

He has participated in successful international series and soap operas such as “Rosario Tijeras”, “Tres Milagros”, “Armored Hearts” and “The Queen of Flow”, among others.

Diana Zalloum, renowned actress and model, is known in Colombia for his work in several productions, including “Juego Limpio”, “Amor de Carnaval” and “La branch del cielo”.

It is known that he currently lives in London, England, where he also resides floundered professional in areas such as graphic design and social networking.

Carla Giraldo, who played Claudia, is a 37-year-old Colombian actress and businesswoman, winner of Master Chef 2021. He has participated in national projects and International such as “Cumbia Ninja”, “The White Route”, “The Clone”, “The Mafia Dolls” and “The House of the Famous”.

Source: El heraldo