Barbie’s ‘I’m Just Ken’ Gets a Christmas Twist as Ryan Gosling Sings a Viral Song in New Video


  • Ryan Gosling sang a Christmas version of “I’m Just Ken” surrounded by Christmas lights in the video.
  • The song became popular for its exaggerated and funny tone, while expressing a deeply felt vulnerability.
  • The song’s message aligns with Barbie’s broader themes of feminism and creating a society that offers choice and opportunity for all.

Barbie Star Ryan Gosling makes ‘I’m Just Ken’ a song for all occasions, and brings it to life at Christmas. The song is one of the most memorable and fun parts of Barbie by Gosling’s impressive and deliberately exaggerated performance which fully captures the essence of the stereotypical Ken. “I’m Just Ken” also became a hit outside of the film, with the song becoming a viral hit and a Billboard 100 single.

A video from Atlantic Records shows Gosling singing the Christmas version of “I’m Just Ken” surrounded by Christmas lights, ending the song with Gosling saying: “Merry Christmas, Barbie… wherever you are.” Watch the video below:

Gosling remains fully committed to the role of Ken and his desperation for Barbie’s recognition and attention, as before the performance begins he puts on a pair of sunglasses and says this “The world may have Ken’s voice, but only Barbie can have his eyes.“Even if Ken thinks so “enough” At the end of Barbie and that he no longer needs the titular protagonist to define his identity, it seems like he’s still working through his feelings.

How did ‘I’m Just Ken’ become so popular?


although Barbie The success of “I’m Just Ken,” released in July, continues, as evidenced by the song’s holiday spirit and Gosling’s performance. Part of the reason it became so popular is mentioned at the beginning of the new commentary video “The original [song] “She has a tender vulnerability that you just fall in love with.” The song is meant to be campy and fun, and Gosling fully leans into that tone, but there’s also an undeniable sincerity and vulnerability to what Ken is expressing.


Barbie Movie: Ken Spinoff – Will It Happen? Everything we know

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie has sparked a lot of speculation about a sequel, and now the director has seemingly hinted that a Ken spin-off is in the works.

Ken uses music to express his frustration because he always feels inferior and undervalued, no matter what he does or how hard he tries. This is related BarbieThe broader message of feminism is that it is not just about empowering women, but about creating a society that offers choice and opportunity for all. The beat of “I’m Just Ken” provides a comic juxtaposition to the dramatic music as the Kens battle on the beach with lacrosse sticks, tennis rackets and beach balls.

“I’m Just Ken” is nominated for Best Song Written for Visual Media at the upcoming Grammy Awards.

All these factors made the song a real success. How many elements of Barbie, the song may sound ridiculous on paper and not feel like it should work, but the brilliant execution fits the film’s themes, tone, and comedy perfectly. Although it would be hard to top “I’m Just Ken” if it does Barbie If a sequel is to be made, it will require another song that highlights Gosling’s vocal talents and can build on the original performance.

Source: Atlantic Records

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