10 Reasons Why the ‘Golden Bachelorette’ Should Be a New Lead (Not From Gerry’s Season)


  • The Golden Bachelorette needs to be someone new to keep the show fresh and exciting.
  • A new route would be fairer for everyone.
  • The golden bachelorette should be a celebrity.

A lot of The golden bachelor The contestants are the favorites to be the first protagonist The golden bachelor partyBut there are several reasons why the star should be someone new. The golden bachelor Gerry Turner, 72, retired restaurant owner from Hudson, Indiana, looking for another chance at true love. His wife Toni tragically passed away six years ago after 43 wonderful years together. Gerry chose from 22 fantastic women aged 60 and over. After a good journey inside The golden bachelor, Gerry became engaged to Theresa Nist, a 70-year-old financial services professional from Shrewsbury, New Jersey. They will marry on January 4, 2024 in a live television wedding.

After the great success of The golden bachelor There has been much speculation that a Golden bachelor party The spin-off is in the works. ABC even announced a casting call for the show. Many of Gerry’s finalists, including Sandra Mason, Kathy Swarts, Susan Noles, Ellen Goltzer, runner-up Faith Martin and runner-up Leslie Fhima, are considered favorites for the role, but it would be better if the Golden Bachelorette were someone completely new used to be. .


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10 The Golden Bachelorette would be more exciting with a new leading role

Most Bachelor Nation shows cast former contestants

For many seasons The Bachelor AND Secondary school The main cast comes from previous seasons of the series. It’s a long time ago Bachelor education Nation met someone completely new. It would be a shame if The golden bachelor party followed the same predictable pattern. While Gerry’s women are really great, it would be more exciting to meet a completely new woman, replicating the experience of when viewers meet Gerry for the first time. A new Golden Bachelorette lead could be just what the franchise needs to add flavor.

9 The Golden Bachelorette candidates may be waiting for a concrete lead

Golden Bachelorette men may want to see certain Golden Bachelorette women


With the other Bachelor education After this, the nation shows that it is possible Golden bachelor party Participants could wait for a specific woman The golden bachelor to be the main character of the new show. If a man expected to see a woman when he got out of the limo and instead found another woman waiting for him, he might be disappointed. This will cause pain for everyone involved. With a new protagonist, there will be no competition between the protagonist and the other women who are not chosen as protagonists. The golden bachelor party. It would be a new beginning and much fairer for everyone involved.

8th Fans already have strong opinions about the Golden Bachelor candidates

Bachelor Nation can be cruel


The golden bachelor Fans have already formed strong opinions about the women in Gerry’s season, both good and bad. They see Leslie and Faith as despised but strong women who are heroes, and have accepted the show’s portrayal of Kathy as a tell-it-like-it-is villain. However, these personas are created by the program and may not be completely accurate. Once Bachelor education The Nation’s candidate is presented in a certain light, it is very difficult to change the viewer’s opinion. This can lead to disappointment for the heroes and resentment towards the villains. A new person like the Golden Bachelorette would avoid that.

7 The group of golden single women is not diverse enough

Bachelor Nation needs more diversity


although The golden bachelor Women are beautiful, there is not enough diversity among them. Many of them had similar races, ethnicities, religions and body types. He Bachelor education The franchise has long been criticized for its lack of diversity. It would be a spectacle to bring a golden bachelorette party and a whole new opportunity to perhaps cast a person with unprecedented experience as the lead. Bachelor education franchise show.


Golden Bachelor finalist Leslie Fhima should be the Golden Bachelorette

Leslie Fhima was Gerry Turner’s second runner-up on The Golden Bachelor. This charismatic and friendly woman should be the first Golden Bachelorette.

6 Many of the Golden Bachelor candidates don’t want to leave their families

Several Golden Bachelor hopefuls weren’t ready to have their lives turned upside down

By means of The golden bachelorA recurring theme was the importance of family. Two of the women, Marina Perera and Joan Vassos, even left the show to take care of family matters. During Faith’s visit to her hometown, she said she wasn’t ready to leave her home in Benton City, Washington, because she wouldn’t abandon her family. While it is admirable, respectable and understandable that women do not want to move, if they want to play a leading role they would have to have a very limited pool of men. The golden bachelor party. The show needs to cast a woman who is willing to give up her life for true love if that’s what it takes.

5 It seems like the golden bachelorette party doesn’t exist for the right reasons.

The ‘Golden Bachelorette’ star seems to be looking for power


Doubts about honesty often arise Bachelor education National shows. Viewers are speculating whether the contestants participated in the shows. “for the right reasons” or if they are simply looking for influence and followers on social media. He golden single The women seemed genuinely in love with Gerry, but when they take on the lead role of the golden bachelorette, they can come across as insincere. Some may wonder if they only came on the show to become the first Golden Bachelorette. To prevent this, a new woman must be cast in the leading role.

4 Single Women of Gold may still not be over Gerry Turner

Several golden bachelors fell in love with Gerry

If he golden single The women were as in love with Gerry as they said they were, but it’s entirely possible they haven’t gotten over it yet. Women like Faith and Leslie had close relationships with him and even exchanged ideas “I love you” as. She met their families and Leslie met hers. Furthermore, Gerry broke up with them and surprised them by choosing another woman.

For this reason, it’s not the best idea for either woman to start another relationship, let alone twenty new hookups. Even though time has passed and they’re over Gerry, it would probably be best to choose a woman who isn’t fresh out of a relationship for the golden bachelorette party.

3 The Golden Bachelor finalists don’t want another emotional rollercoaster

Golden single women have been through enough


Because of the intensity of her feelings for Gerry, The golden bachelor The finalists, especially the finalists, were very hurt when Gerry broke up with him. Gerry was also devastated and even told host Jesse Palmer that the only time in his life he felt worse than after divorcing Leslie was when his wife died. Knowing how hard it was for Gerry and how hard it was for her, women may not want to go through another emotional rollercoaster.

Although divorce is not easy at any age, these older women have experienced much grief in their lives, including divorce and the death of their husbands. They may not be as willing to endure more trauma as younger women. They may also be afraid of hurting their competitors in the same way they did when Gerry broke up with him.


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two It would be impossible to choose just one Golden Bachelor finalist

There are so many Golden Bachelor fan favorites

The golden bachelor There were so many favorite contestants that it would be difficult for producers to choose just one. Fans would inevitably be disappointed if their favorite wasn’t chosen, which could lead to negative reactions from whichever woman they choose. Maybe it would be better and fairer to start over with a completely new woman with no existing fan base.

1 The golden bachelorette should be a celebrity

The Golden Bachelorette star would have to be someone very famous


Instead of choosing between Gerry golden single finalists, The producers had to invite a celebrity to celebrate the first golden bachelorette party. It would be exciting to see an older woman the public already knows get another chance at true love. There was always speculation that celebrities would be in attendance Bachelor education National exhibitions and The golden bachelor party It would be a great opportunity to test this idea.

The golden bachelor party It looks like it’s coming and ABC has a lot of options for its first lead. However, for many reasons, it would be better if she wasn’t part of Gerry’s team. No matter who stars the series, the senior dating series is sure to be just as innovative and engaging. The golden bachelor.

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