Taika Waitit explains the differences between filming Thor 3 and 4 –

Taika Waitit explains the differences between filming Thor 3 and 4 –

After filming two Marvel Studios movies, Taika Waititi discusses the differences between filming Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder.

Director Taika Waitit Reveals Differences Between Filming Tori: Ragnarok AND Tori: love and thunder† Following the success of the Marvel Studios original film in 2017, filmmaker Chris Hemsworth is back with another project. After filming two MCU projects, Waitit compares his recent experience with his first.

Announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Tori: love and thunder This is Hemsworth’s fourth solo film, Avengers. Like most Hollywood projects, the film’s release date and production start have been delayed several times due to a corovirus pandemic. In the end, the film was able to complete basic photography against the backdrop of Australia’s strict lockdown rules. Details of the film’s story are still scarce at this point, but some elements have already been confirmed, such as the debut of Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) Mighty Thor and Christian Bailey Gorr the God Butcher as the main antagonist.

Naturally, Waite’s lips are sealed with narrative detail. Tori: love and thunderBut discusses any differences between filming Thor: Ragnarok and continuing live in a new interview playlist By promoting Our flag means death† Surprisingly, the filmmaker says the experience was quite similar. Read his full answer below:

“I think there is no difference. I mean, they are very similar in size and everything is the same. There are many different actors, but the energy and intention remain the same. †

Taika Waitit explains the differences between filming Thor 3 and .5

Waititi did not rate the plot information Tori: love and thunderBut interestingly enough he said it was about the same size Tori: Ragnarok† Given how little is known about the upcoming Marvel Studios movie, it seems like it’s bigger in terms of story and actors. In addition to the main characters, Thor 4 It will also feature some Guardians of the Galaxy and Russell Crowe Zeus members. In addition, it will also see the return of Lady Siff (Jamie Alexander), who has been missing from the MCU for several years. But perhaps Veitit was referring to his approach to the project, which meant he approached it the way he did. Tori: Ragnarok† Anyway, given the success of the 2017 blockbuster, it’s safe to say the director had good creative control over his future partnership with Hemsworth.

Currently, fans are still waiting for the first trailer Tori: love and thunder, so it’s hard to predict what to expect from a movie. Marvel Studios is busy for both moon knight AND Doctor Strange in many worlds of madness! Those are slated to be released before Waitith’s next MCU movie. But given the marketing trend of the franchise, it’s safe to say that promotional material for the film will be out soon, especially with the Tory reveal and the powerful Tory costumes already released.

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