What if the ending of season 2, episode 8 was explained?

Notification! This post contains SPOILERS for “What If…?” Season 2, Episode 8


  • Despite his impending disappearance, Captain Carter fights for a new MCU reality in 1602.
  • The Time Stone reveals that Steve Rogers caused reality to merge with the 1602 and current timelines.
  • The Guardian confirms that he cannot see everything when a reality is on the brink of extinction, and Strange Supreme is reunited with Carter at the end of the episode.

Wonder what if…? Season 2, Episode 8 ends with a hollow victory for Captain Carter in 1602. After being displaced again in time in the MCU multiverse, Peggy Carter was transported to a reality where several MCU characters lived in the early 17th century . instead of on the 21st. To this end, Peggy refused to give up until reality was saved at the end of the episode (while also preparing the next season’s finale).

As seen in… Wonder what if…? In Season 2, events have reached a climax involving the Ultimate Stranger and now Captain Carter will apparently be involved as well. After her own episode where she battled a brainwashed Steve Rogers in the Red Room, Captain Carter stars again in What If… the Avengers Gathered in 1602? Miracle 1602 Comics by Neil Gaiman. To this end, Captain Carter continues to fight for this new reality from 1602 until the episode’s bitter end, even though the Guardian believed this universe was destined for destruction.


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How Captain Carter Saved the MCU’s New Reality 1602

Find the “precursor” with the time stone


After failing to prevent the Rifts from threatening this new reality, Captain Carter becomes an outlaw, under the orders of the new King Thor Odinson, following the disappearance of his sister, Queen Hela. Peggy ended up in this reality thanks to the magic of the Scarlet Witch of 1602 and refuses to give up, even though the Guardian offers her a way back to her own reality in the multiverse. As such, Peggy joins a gang of thieves led by this world’s Steve Rogers, as well as Tony Stark, whose eccentric genius labeled him a madman.

Using Thor’s scepter and the Time Stone within it, Peggy uses the stone’s power via a gauntlet created by Stark to restore this reality after the merging of the 17th and 21st century timelines. This was caused by a being known only to Scarlet Witch as “The Harbinger”. The Time Stone allowed Peggy to set things right, even if she suffered a personal loss in the process.

Captain Carter loses another Steve Rogers

“We will never have a happy ending.”

The Stone of Time, described as “The Precursor,” managed to identify the first being to spawn this blend of realities. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that it was Steve Rogers (known as 1602 Rogers Hood) who broke the Time Stone while fighting Thanos in Wakanda in the present, a very different confrontation from the one in the episode. Main MCU. Avenger: endless war.

Breaking the Time Stone sent Rogers to 1602 seemingly without his memories, embodying the hero of the time while creating destructive rifts in time until Wanda Maximoff called Peggy to help fix things. Tragically, this also meant that Peggy had to sacrifice herself and say goodbye to yet another version of Steve Rogers, having already lost her own version of Steve from her own reality. Although she has stated that she and Rogers never seem to have a happy ending, Rogers Hood believed that some versions of that do (referring to the main MCU’s Rogers and Carter, who do have a happy ending in the end). Avengers: Endgame).


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Why all the Marvel heroes of 1602 disappeared

It’s a bit confusing


When Steve used the Gauntlet to return to his original time, it seemed like all the other MCU heroes had disappeared as well. While Rogers was definitely “the pioneer” of the 21st century, the status of all other famous heroes is unclear. Since they all disappeared in a wave of green light like Rogers, it can be assumed that they also originated in the present and were brought back to the 17th century. That’s why they, along with Rogers and Carter, remained unfrozen. once the glove was removed and activated.

Likewise, the reason Carter was left alone in the throne room was probably because she was from a completely different reality and not another time. It remained that way into 1602, although both timelines were deciphered. However, there’s really no concrete explanation for what happened at the end of the episode, and it’s admittedly quite confusing despite the very fun concept of the episode itself.

The Guardian reveals a crucial weakness in the multiverse

Cloudy universal extinction events for Uatu


It’s also worth noting that in this episode, Uatu the Guardian continues to ask Captain Carter if she’s ready to leave this damaged reality behind. This is because the Watcher admits that he cannot see everything when a reality is on the brink of extinction, a crucial weakness for the Cosmic Watcher, despite his claim to be omniscient and omniscient. So it’s a good reason why Uatu might not be as useful as you might think if he had a role in this. Avengers: Secret Wars and the multiversal chaos that awaits with the big crossover movie.

Despite the Guardian’s concerns and fears about the possible “what ifs” of the situation, Carter refuses to give up on the reality of 1602. It’s a trait Uatu finds admirably human, given all the unknown outcomes. With that in mind, it’s interesting to see that even The Watcher has his limitations when it comes to cosmic observation and knowledge of the MCU multiverse.


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What did Strange Supreme have planned and what if…? The end of season 2?

Strange Supreme may be gathering new guardians of the multiverse


Wonder what if…? It ends the same way as the previous episode with a final scene with the Ultimate Stranger. Having recently recruited Kahhori, the MCU’s new hero, it seems this darker, stranger variant now has her sights set on Captain Carter, her former ally in the Guardians of the Multiverse. And if…? The end of the first season. Therefore, Strange may want to form a new team to face a new threat to the multiverse, although he may have darker motives that have not yet been revealed. Wonder what if…? Season 2.

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