Every Pawn Star Scandal Explained


  • Rick Harrison is sued by his own mother for ownership of the pawn shop, sparking a family feud.
  • Pawn Stars’ Chumlee was arrested on drug and gun charges and was also investigated for sexual assault.
  • Johnny Jimenez Jr., the show’s toy expert, was arrested on domestic violence charges after an argument with his girlfriend.

Pawn stars The cast has been part of many controversies since its debut in July 2009. The History Channel show has had 21 seasons so far and has become a global phenomenon thanks to its theme, the gold and silver pawn shop. Manager and co-owner Rick Harrison had been trying unsuccessfully to get a show at the Las Vegas store for four years. Originally titled Pawning History, the reality show chose a pun on the name and began documenting the daily activities at the Nevada store.

The Gold and Silver Pawnshop was originally run by patriarch Richard.Guy“Harrison, your son Rick Harrison, son of Rick Corey”big horse“Austin, childhood friend of Harrison and Corey”ChumleeRussel. Men bought, sold and valued objects of historical value or even junk, extremely rare objects. Pokemon Maps showing the underwater treasure of the Taj Mahal. But despite all the fun and games, several major scandals have rocked the world of Pawn Stars. A quick recap of all the background drama that made the series controversial from the start.

Rick Harrison was sued by his own mother

Joanne Harrison filed a lawsuit against her son Rick on February 24, 2022. The mother of the Las Vegas pawn shop owner named her son, his business and other property owned by him and his family in the lawsuit. Joanne stated that Rick was uncooperative in family matters. Joanne explained that she and “The old manIn 1981, he started his pawn shop business in Las Vegas. Richard owned 49% of the shares and Joanne owned 51% of the company, then known as G&S Coin Shop. After Wall of wonders. Joanne fell into a coma around 2000/2001 and was treated in the intensive care unit at Valley Hospital.

The lawsuit notes that Rick apparently had Joanne sign over her 51% interest in the pawn shop to her mother while she was still in the hospital recovering from a coma. “At the time, Joanne did not fully know or understand what she was supposedly signing.“the report adds. According to Joanne, she inherited Richard’s shares when he died in 2018, after 58 years of marriage. corresponding Daily emailRick broke a long-standing agreement when he stopped sending money from Richard’s side of the deal.

Rick regularly made monthly payments of $25,000 to his mother, but according to his claims in the lawsuit, he stopped doing so in 2020. In March 2022, Joanne filed a restraining order against her son to stop him.Suction power“of possessions. Meanwhile, Rick stated that his mother “manipulated‘by others who did not care for them.’interestIn his statement through a spokesperson. He said he had tried to contact Joanne several times but was unsuccessful. According to Rick, one of the companies his mother sued was his property.100 percent“from Joana.

Chumlee was investigated for assault and arrested on drug and weapons charges

USA today reported that Austin Lee, also known as Chumlee to millions of people Pawn stars Bystanders were held in a Las Vegas jail following his arrest on gun and drug charges in March 2016. The reason for his arrest was the discovery of controlled material and contraband in his southwest Las Vegas home. Authorities executed a search warrant issued as part of an investigation into a sexual assault allegation against Chumlee (via Looper.) However, they discovered methamphetamine, marijuana, and a gun in Chumlee’s home. He was charged with a total of 19 drug offenses and one weapons offence.

The report of assault was made by a woman from the neighborhood. Chumlee posted $62,000 bail before being released. He reportedly accepted a plea deal in which he only had to plead guilty to the gun crime of illegal possession of a firearm. Chumlee was required to complete three years of probation and supervision, with the possibility of a prison sentence of two to five years if the terms were violated. His other charges would be reduced to felonies. No charges have been filed in the sexual assault case that led to the charges. Chumlee was acquitted after weapons and drugs were seized.

Johnny Jimenez Jr. arrested for assault and domestic violence


Johnny Jiménez Jr., toy specialist Pawn stars He was arrested in November 2015 for domestic violence against his girlfriend. us weekly. He allegedly threw his girlfriend to the ground outside a Las Vegas restaurant in the early hours of the morning. Police were called to the restaurant. Johnny’s girlfriend was reportedly drunk and he was trying to take her back to the restaurant when he pulled on the strap of her bag, causing her to fall. Johnny later gave a statement to KNV Action News explaining his version of the incident.

Johnny said they celebrated his birthday party with friends and family and arrived at the casino at 4 a.m. to go alone. “My girlfriend was very drunk.“he added in his statement. He admitted that he should have gone to his room, but tried to give his girlfriend something to eat so she could recover, but was “really hard to do.” Johnny said there were security cameras that filmed him “several times” as he tried to lift his girlfriend off the ground. He claimed she was wearing four-inch stiletto heel boots, which complicated matters.

Johnny stated that he “nothing but good”To his girlfriend and was a single father who, despite his “Shaved head“It made him look like that.”big scary boy.” He was disappointed that police had not received his response.Facts‘Just before handcuffing him, he tried to grab his girlfriend’s hand and bag to help her get up.

Disabled Vietnam veteran sues Harrisons for assault


Rick and his father Richard were sued in May 2012 by a disabled Vietnam veteran. New York Post Office reported that a man named Daniel Callahan, 62, alleged that the father-son duo abused him in the fall of 2011 at their gold and silver pawn shop in Las Vegas. He filed a civil suit in Clark District Court accusing Rick and Richard of attacking him. The man who walked with a cane sought $20,000 in damages. He reportedly had a feud with reality TV stars and was reportedly dragged into a “constriction“for them”He dragged it through the store.

He accused Rick and Richard of throwing it on the sidewalk, along with a Model 96B rifle he had brought in for evaluation. Daniel requested payment of his medical expenses related to the alleged incident and payment of his legal fees. The Harrisons’ attorney had no comment at this time.

Olivia Black was fired from Pawn Stars due to her spicy past


Olivia was hired in 2012 but was fired after appearing in just 13 episodes of the series Pawn stars. corresponding Looper, there’s a rule that if you’re part of the show’s cast, you can’t share indecent photos of yourself online. Olivia was fired from the show when photos from her time on SuicideGirls circulated online. Olivia took legal action against the producer. He was able to continue working at the store, but could not appear on camera. However, Olivia soon had to resign from her position.

Pawn stars make America airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The History Channel

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