Captain Marvel’s powers destroy her in a disturbing ‘Nightmare’ transformation


  • Captain Marvel’s powers slowly destroy her in a gruesome Peach Momoko variant.
  • On the cover, Captain Marvel is seen smiling, oblivious to the destruction her powers are causing.
  • Peach Momoko’s illustration depicts a nightmarish metamorphosis, suggesting that Captain Marvel’s journey could come to a gruesome end.

Captain Marvel Her powers slowly destroy her in a gruesome cover of artist Peach Momoko’s ‘Nightmare’. Momoko has released more Nightmare covers, each featuring a Marvel icon in gruesome situations, and now it’s Carol Danver’s turn. Momoko’s version Captain Marvel Number 3 is one of the best of the group. shows Carol going to her death with a smile on her face.

Peach Momoko has revealed the cover of Nightmare Variant Captain Marvel #3 on your Instagram account. The cover features Captain Marvel, fully dressed in her new, more military-looking uniform. Dark tendrils extend from their bodies, but what exactly they do is never revealed.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Momoko’s illustration is Captain Marvel’s reaction: she smiles, unaware that her powers are destroying her.

Peach Momoko set the Marvel Universe on fire


Peach Momoko is one of the most interesting cartoonists today. She is known for books like Devilish days Series that transports Marvel characters such as Elektra and Black Widow to feudal Japan. Momoko has also made a name for itself with a series of striking covers, including Nightmare variants. Previous Nightmare variants have featured Venom and Captain Marvel’s ally Monica Rambeau. All of these covers portray the character in the midst of a nightmarish metamorphosis Captain Marvel Number 3 is perhaps the most disturbing of all.

The true limits of Captain Marvel’s powers have never been definitively revealed, meaning she could be one of the publisher’s most powerful heroes. Her powers are energy based and depend on how charged she is. While Captain Marvel can control her powers for the most part, there have been a few instances where it has been too much for her. In the Peach Momoko variant of Captain Marvel #3, those same powers leak out and take on a gross, disturbing form as they slowly kill her.


Captain Marvel gets the best company she could ask for (even if it weakens her)

Since the collaboration, Yuna Yang has simultaneously made Captain Marvel stronger (on the inside) and weaker (on the outside).

Captain Marvel’s journey comes to a terrible end


It’s been a long road for Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers has had many heroic aliases since she rose to power and became the first Ms. Marvel in the 1970s. Names she adopted include Binary and Warbird before becoming Ms. Captain Marvel. Carol had to overcome many obstacles along the way, including a battle with alcoholism. Despite everything, she managed to persevere, overcome her demons and become the hero she was always meant to be. Carol’s journey is inspiring, but in this cover it ends in the most horrific way when her powers threaten to consume her.

Source: Peach Momoko

Captain Marvel Issue #3 is now available from Marvel Comics!

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