Rose Marie, wife of singer Bobby Cruz, has died

Rose Marie, wife of singer Bobby Cruz, has died

One of the most important voices in salsa is mourning. The Puerto Rican singer announced Monday that his wife, Rose Marie, died in the morning without revealing details about the cause of death.

In his emotional farewell message, the Puerto Rican assured that this death leaves a deep void in his heart and in the hearts of his entire family.

“She was the greatest gift that life gave me and life took from me. I was a lucky man to have her all those years. I have no words to thank my Lord for the privilege of having her in my life.”

Bobby Cruz also said, “Thank you Rose Marie for being my anchor, my north, my friend and companion. See you soon. I love you Rose Marie.”

Rose Marie and Bobby Cruz were married for approximately 63 years and their marriage produced three children: Bobby Jr, Cindy and Tania.

Source: El heraldo