After 25 years, DC’s forgotten Batgirl is finally getting the recognition she deserves

After 25 years, DC’s forgotten Batgirl is finally getting the recognition she deserves

Warning: Spoilers for Titans: Beast World Tour – Gotham #1.


  • DC Comics finally admits that Huntress was the Batgirl who followed Barbara Gordon.
  • Huntress’ time as Batgirl is largely forgotten, but this Titans story gives her the respect she deserves.
  • This recognition of Huntress as Batgirl could lead to her return as a main character in DC Comics.

After 25 years, DC Comics finally realizes who the real third Batgirl is. In DC’s official continuity, Barbara Gordon is credited as the first Batgirl, despite Betty Kane’s pre-Crisis existence, and much of the audience remembers that Cassandra Cain was the one to take up her cowl. However, this order is not entirely correct. Shortly after Barbara steps down, Cass becomes Batgirl, but before her it’s a forgotten Batgirl.

In Titans: Beast World Tour – Gotham Claw & Order Issue #1 by Sam Maggs and PJ Holden DC finally admits that Helena Bertinelli, aka Huntress, was the Batgirl who immediately succeeded Barbara Gordon. The story highlights a unique collaboration between former and current Batgirl during the… World of beasts Event triggered by a new villain Beast Boy.


As Huntress transforms into a black panther, one of the Batgirls, Cassandra Cain, enters the scene. The story immediately introduces Cass as Batgirl, replacing Helena in the role. The year 2024 marks the 25th anniversary of the iconic story of the Bat Family no man’s landIt couldn’t have come at a better time for the Huntress to get what she deserved.


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DC finally remembers that before Cassandra Cain, Huntress was a Batgirl


1999 no man’s land was a year-long story in which the US government forces citizens to evacuate Batman City after an earthquake destroys Gotham. Those left behind are insecure due to the emerging gang war that breaks out as the villains claim their territory. The situation becomes even worse when Batman disappears from the scene. Helena Bertinelli, who declares herself the city’s new protector, dons the cowl and becomes Batgirl, the third after Betty Kane and Barbara Gordon. She realizes that criminals will always be much more afraid of the bat as a symbol than of her figure. Huntress. Her efforts were successful, but Bruce never complied and demanded that she hand over the cowl to him, which he passed to Cassandra Cain, who makes her debut at the event.

Helena’s career as Gotham’s protector ends in tragedy, with her nearly dying after being shot by the Joker in a brutal moment that never brings the Slayer any real reward. He finally gets Batman’s approval for all he’s done for the city, but it comes at the cost of physical and emotional sacrifice. Huntress’ time as Batgirl is now largely forgotten until Cassandra Cain appears in this film Titans Story that finally acknowledges this lost moment in DC continuity. “Cassandra Cain, better known as Batgirl.” Read the story that continues: “She replaced Helena as Batgirl at one point, but that’s okay. Now they look great. Except now.

Huntress’s time as Batgirl is finally getting some respect


Helena is easily one of the most respected characters on DC’s active roster. In-universe, she was the original black sheep of the Bat-Family, a status underscored by the downplaying of her efforts to protect Gotham during No Man’s Land despite being so important to the city’s rebuilding. Meanwhile, in the grander scheme of current DC stories, she is rarely used in the main Gotham stories, largely due to continuity confusion between her and another Slayer who has just returned to the main DCU. O World of beasts However, this moment is a step in the right direction for the Huntress, as she respects more than just her time. Bat Girl, but hopefully this can bring her back on top of DC.


  • Screenplay: Chip Zdarsky, Grace Ellis, Gretchen Felker-Martin, Sam Maggs, Kyle Starks
  • Artists: Miguel Mendonça, Daniel Hillyard, Ivan Shavrin, PJ Holden, Kelley Jones
  • Colorist: Mike Spicer, Rico Renzi, José Villarrubia
  • Lawyer: Lucas Gattoni
  • Cover artist: Mikel Janín

Titans: Beast World Tour – Gotham #1 is available now from DC Comics.

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