Netflix removes Indian film with flesh-eating scenes

Streaming platform Netflix removed an Indian film from its content list shortly after its release, amid a wave of backlash and attacks over scenes showing a Hindu priest’s daughter eating beef despite her faith.

The Tamil film “Annapoorani: The Goddess of Food”, which translates into Spanish as “The Goddess of Food”, disappeared from the platform in the last 24 hours, just two weeks after its release, amid strong outrage from Hindu groups and social media. users. Netflix has not provided an explanation for the reasons so far.

However, Annapoorani’s producers, Zee Studio, assured that “as co-producers of the film, they had no intention of hurting the religious sentiments of the Hindu and Brahmin communities.”

“We would like to hereby apologize for the inconvenience and damage caused to the sentiments of the respective communities,” the producer said in the letter addressed to the protest’s initiators, the Vishva Hindu Parishad, a hardline organization linked to the prime minister. the Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi.

The film tells the fictional story of Annapoorani, a young Hindu woman born into an orthodox family who aspires to become India’s best chef. The young woman faces several challenges that make her go beyond her conventional beliefs and prejudices to achieve her dream, according to the film’s official synopsis.

The story becomes controversial when the young cook gives up her vegetarian diet to eat meat and then takes part in a cooking competition, cooking meat.

“Annapoorani has been removed from Netflix until all anti-Hindu scenes are removed,” said X Hindu IT Cell, another Hindu organization.

Another part of the plot that has sparked outrage among right-wingers in this Hindu-majority country is the protagonist’s romantic relationship with a non-Hindu man, which critics say promotes “love jihad.”

The ‘Love Johad’ or ‘love jihad’ is a term coined by right-wing Hindu nationalists who accuse Muslim minority men of seducing Hindu women into marriage and converting them to Islam.

Hindu nationalists say this is a broader jihadist conspiracy to change the demography of Hindu India.

Source: El heraldo