Schwarzenegger arrested at Munich airport for failing to declare a watch

Austrian actor and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was held at customs at Munich airport for three hours this Wednesday because he had not declared a luxury watch upon his arrival from Los Angeles that he wants to auction in Austria this Thursday, Germans report. media reported.

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A spokeswoman for Munich customs confirmed to the weekly Der Spiegel that Schwarzenegger had been arrested and criminal tax proceedings had been opened against him.

Customs agents interrogated Schwarzenegger for three hours and allegedly asked him how many children he has, what his partner’s name was, how much money he had in the bank and what his assets were, Bild newspaper reported.

The actor told Bild that he explained to officials that the watch was auctioned for charity and that it was a charity project, but all his arguments were in vain.

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The Austrian wants to auction the watch on Thursday during a gala dinner prior to a climate summit in Kitzbühel (Austria).

Schwarzenegger ultimately had to pay 35,000 euros to import the watch into the European Union (EU) and pay a 5,000 euro fine, according to Bild.

The Austrian-born star wanted to pay the amount by credit card, but the agents explained to him that he had to pay 50% in cash.

Because he did not have much money with him, an official accompanied him to a bank, Bild reports.

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The watch is from the Swiss luxury brand Audemars Piguet and, according to the same source, would have a value of around 20,000 euros.

Audemars Piguet produces only about 45,000 watches per year and Schwarzenegger’s watch was produced by the Swiss company exclusively for the actor’s private collection.

Source: El heraldo