This is Paulina Dávila, cousin of Sofía Vergara who performs in “Griselda”

The new series of Netflix about Griselda Blancoproduced and starring Sofia Vergara, has been the center of attention in recent days, also because of the tour that the Barranquilla resident has made and who is in Bogotá to promote the production.

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The actress’ followers are waiting to see one of the most universal Barranquilla women leave comedy to enter the world of drug trafficking and personify the ‘narcomadrina’ who taught Pablo Escobarone of the founders of Medellin poster, the drug trade.

For this series, ‘la Toti’ decided to include a member of her family in the cast. Is about Paulina Davilacousin of the Barranquilla woman, and will play a relevant role because she will be the trusted woman of Griselda Blanco.

In an interview with El Colombiano: Pauline He gave some details about what his role in this story will be like. He assured that the role “was created by people who existed, who were part of the environment of Griselda, It’s the compilation of all the people around her, so we had a lot of freedom in creating Isa, who represents her kinder or lighter side. She shows us a more vulnerable Griselda. Isa stands for friendship. She knew Griselda as a child, they have the same origins, a common history and that unites them enormously.”

Paulina Dávila has participated in several series, soap operas and productions. It started in Mujeres al limit, on Caracol Televisión, and in El Comandante, a story on Canal RCN that told the life of the former Venezuelan president. Hugo Chavez.

But it is also relevant internationally: it has been on the cover of important international magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, and has also been part of campaigns with brands such as Cynthia Buttenklepper, Breitling and Dolce & Gabbana.

Source: El heraldo