‘The Snow Society’ is “a very real movie,” says survivor

Strauch was 25 years old when what he calls “the odyssey” occurred. He was one of the oldest players and along with his two surviving cousins Adolfo Strauch and Daniel Fernándezconvinced others of the need to feed on the flesh of the deceased to survive.

“All three of us agreed that this was the only way to survive and we convinced ourselves quite quickly that this was the only solution. Adolfo was the first to offer to cut, then Daniel and I, and we also worked together in food distribution. It was difficult to overcome the taboo, but once we overcame it, it was clear that this was what we had to do to live,” he recalled.

He recalled that although some companions did not accept that solution, it helped them convince themselves as the others offered to act as food in case they died on the spot.

“It was such a wonderful gesture of solidarity. Some had already died, others had not and no one knew who would get whose food and when we offered ourselves to each other, everyone was convinced,” he said.

The Uruguayan now tells without hesitation what happened, but he confessed that there was a time when he preferred to remain silent so as not to hurt the families of those who died in the mountains and because many people wanted to know the story because of illness and disease. not for the ‘human achievement’ that it was.

Although he has returned to the scene of the events, he assured that watching the film has revived feelings like when his partner Antonio Vizintín took the photos days before he was rescued and which are recreated in the most recent film.

“It’s all so real and so precise. I remember perfectly what I felt when they took the pictures and I thought: why? Who will see them? Will anyone ever see them?” “I always felt…uh, very strange and ugly,” he said.

Strauch confessed that the survivors are surprised by the fury the new film has caused among the younger generations and believes it is part of their need to know that people their own age can fight and transcend.

“The children are looking for what has disappeared in this society, they go around like crazy looking for immediacy, happiness with consumerism and they realize that they are not getting anywhere. This shows them what people are and what is the real path they should follow. should be followed to be happy and how many values ​​and capabilities we have,” he concluded.

Source: El heraldo