Pepe Guerrero drowns his sorrows in a ‘Damn Tequila’

The Mexican region has taken over Latin America, and how. One of its most notable exponents is the young Colombian Pepe Guerrero, who has managed to overcome the strictness of the genre with his unique and unusual vocal register and sense of interpretation.

Completing a career of five years in which, in addition to performances, he also explores the composition of his songs, the artist is preparing his second album, a project to be released in the first half of 2024 and of which “Maldito tequila” is a part, a very lyrical narrative and which wants to become a hymn to resentment.

This is the fourth single that Pepe Guerrero presents and it is also the one that opens this promising year, taking into account that the previous one consolidated him in the industry and achieved important nominations, and the Best Radiola TV Artist Award at the Ícono Awards 2023 .in Medellin.

“Maldito tequila” was produced by Mexican Roberto Zamudio and co-authored by other young composers. The lyrics, while perhaps bearable, have the power of their interpreter’s speech, who states: “Sometimes time and your dedication to others will never be enough, all that remains is to accept that you did your best.”

The audiovisual piece was shot in Medellín, and in it Pepe, accompanied by the musicians, gives vent to his resentment between sips of tequila, the perfect companion to drown the pain.

Speaking in numbers, as has become common for music, it is worth noting that the artist has already achieved verification on the TikTok account. While on Spotify in 2023 it attracted the attention of 44,679 listeners, that is, they listened to Pepe Guerrero’s music 74,992 times, and it was added to 648 playlists.

Reaffirming the above, it is necessary to remember that on YouTube it received 903,000 views in the last year, while the most listened to song on the channel was “Borracho y bohemio”.

Source: El heraldo