Lyrics to Black Glasses, the new song by J Balvin and Maluma

Two of the country’s most important urban artists came together. Maluma and J Balvin premiered Black Glasses, their new production together.

The song is part of Maluma’s latest studio album, ‘Don Juan’, which has been nominated for an Anglo Grammy in the category of best Latin pop album, awards to be presented on February 4.

This particular collaboration has already become a trend on social networks and that is why many fans have started looking for the lyrics to get to know this new hit.

And Maluma is coming off a succession of successes, the paisa leading the nominations with 14 mentions, including Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, “Crossover” Collaboration of the Year and Male Pop Artist of the Year.

Lyrics of the song:

Black glasses so that the note is not visible.

See how all the donkeys here bounce (bounce).

The dark disco, I feel like we’re in Gotham (Gotham, Gotham).

If she has a boyfriend tonight, she’ll throw him out, yeah (wuh).

Let’s see how to solve (solve) it.

I’m stuck in that body like Venom (Venom, Venom).

But don’t worry, don’t worry, we’re cool.

We closed the disco, smoking and fighting.

It’s just that the babes came to twerk.

And those who brought a cat with them should let it go for a while.

Don’t worry, it’s just for a perreo.

To twerk.

Maluma, ba-ba-baby, yes.

We enter the regular disco.

He knows he’s going to break it without going in.

Even when I sleep, I don’t stop billing, yes.

That little ass makes everyone pray, doesn’t it?

But in mine, my bad.

That little body is up to date.

I pray to you, Hail Mary.

I trust in you, as a messiah.

If you want, I’ll buy you guaro.

All my cars have rims.

The bank account is shameless.

The baby wants, she wants’ expensive.

Sometimes he looks for me and I don’t stop him

Yesterday we removed the cassette

Twelve babes on the plane

I have a video that you uploaded to the internet

We end here and form a get

I’m always looking for you, let me know when I get there


I don’t care if he kisses his boyfriend

We’ll keep partying ’til the next day (yeah)

Here I stay with the bandit

We close the disco, smoke and brag (ah) (wuh)

It’s just that the babes came to twerk

And those who brought a cat with them should let it go for a while

Don’t worry, it’s just for a perreo

(me, lego)

I’ll give it with the stick, like Alexis and Fido are going to give you

I’m going to work with that donkey

The baby is a gangster, she also likes to lead the way

And he’s not going to stay in the house anymore (no), no

This is nothing to fall in love with

I don’t think I’ll get tired of you (hey)

They shoot him and they don’t stand a chance (no, no)

Apparently that ass is mine, yea-yeah


I don’t mind if he kisses you with his boyfriend

We continue the party until the next day

Here I stay with the bandit

to twerk

Difficult, difficult, difficult

Difficult, difficult, difficult

Difficult, difficult, difficult, difficult

J Balvin, man

Latino gang, gang (haha)


Yes, Don Juan

Don Juan, Juan

Leggo, uh

Medal on the card, yeah you know’ (yeah)

MadMusick, yes-yes-yes



Source: El heraldo