They relive when Sofía Vergara said her idols were Shakira and Carlos Vives

Sofía Vergara’s biggest challenge was leaving comedy, which positioned her as one of the best actresses in Hollywood and the highest-paid actress in many years, to move into the swampy world of drama.

Being able to demonstrate the range of interpretive sources at his disposal that he has not had the opportunity to explore, but that in Griselda he not only brings them to the fore, but also swims like a fish in water, although that is not easy been.

“The challenge was everything because I had never acted in Spanish, I had never done a drama, I had never had a director who would direct me in Spanish, I had never used prosthetics, that is, I had never a false nose or teeth, plastic, the wig,” he acknowledged to EL HERALDO.

But when the woman from Barranquilla met Andi Baiz from Cali, she knew that everything would go well, despite the fear: “I wanted to do well, and I was very nervous, but after I met Andi, I got a little said: ‘ I’m going to do what he says, I’ll let him guide me.’

From there he had to delve into the character, into Griselda, the one who caused him fear during that exploration, but who wanted to take control and demonstrate his acting skills in one of the most complicated jobs of his career.

“I worked a lot on finding the character, how he walked, how he laughed, how he danced, but I did all that with Andi’s help too. He came to my house in the evening before we started filming, he taught me how to smoke, at fifty I still didn’t know how to smoke, I didn’t know how to light a cigarette, he taught me how to take cocaine . “

And although both recognize that it is the magic of television that made this possible, Sofía suffered for it, as everything was untrue. “The cocaine was fake, but like a disgusting milk powder I still had to shove it up my nose.”

Source: El heraldo