Mary Méndez clarified what happened to the Arrogante restaurant

The restaurant in recent days football player James Rodríguez there was a buzz after it was rumored that he had gone bankrupt. So much so that the administrators through the lawyer Miguel Angel del Rio, They spoke out to deny this alleged financial crisis.

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The controversy started as a result of information released by ‘Network’ where the presenter Maria Mendez He mentioned the restaurant situation in Arrogante.

‘They predict James new business. Remember that James, Apparently they told me, there are rumors, there is talk and speculation, that he has gone bankrupt with his restaurant here in Bogotá. So you better invest your talk better,” said the presenter.

Therefore, attorney Del Río requested that the information disclosed be rectified. “As legal representative of the Salvaje Group, owner of the Arrogante Restaurant, we will request correction of the statements made by Madam. Maria Mendez regarding the restaurant chain, under penalty of legal action against them,” he said at the time.

He then released a letter from Jenny Córdoba Palacio, director of the Caracol Televisión program ‘La Red’, in which they proceeded to rectify, clarifying that James Rodríguez’s restaurant is not bankrupt. On Saturday January 27 in a room called ‘Network Quickies’where they broadcast information about celebrities, the presenter Maria Mendez He briefly stated: “We allow you to clarify that ‘Arrogante’ itself is not bankrupt.”

Source: El heraldo