According to Dayana Jaimes, this is the legacy that Martín Elías left his daughter

During his last appearance, he also said that another lawsuit had arrived at his home with his daughter’s name.

“Another demand for the couple, they are demands that they have made Diomedes May he rest in peace, these are demands that his children inherit, but since Martín dies they pass to Paula, since I am his legal representative, I receive them. It used to take away my peace, but not anymore, because there is only one judge called God and I also have excellent lawyers,” says Martín Elías’ widow.

As for his love life, Dayana Jaimes he stays out of it and does not go into details, making it clear that he values ​​privacy.

“Look, I know there are a lot of content creators and a lot of people on social networks who like to talk about their love lives, their sexual lives; But in my case, I don’t share these kinds of things and these kinds of reactions because I feel like that’s what intimacy is for me, something intimate, something that only interests me.”

Source: El heraldo