Silvestre Dangond dedicated words to his guitarist during a concert

The return of Sylvester Dangond to the stages with his new production called ‘Ta’ Malo’ came full of high expectations for his followers who made their support clear from the first moment.

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The performing artist of “You won’t hurt me anymore” surprised his audience in the most recent presentation after a statement addressed to one of his members musical equipment who accompanied him on the show.

This intervention of Wild, at the Nemesio Camacho el Campín Stadium in Bogotá, apparently took place after a series of rumors surrounding the alleged departure of guitarist Geño Gámez from the group.

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“With great respect, it’s for a reason, don’t take it the wrong way. The day you decide to leave this group, go and use all your talent and power, but don’t go for money, because you can’t go for money, because I will pay well when you are there,” the artist said in a video. that was published in the count of TikTok‘Vallenatos y más na’.

He went on to say, “You and I cannot fight about money, for that is the least; but remember something: you can’t sell a Ferrari in the south of Bogota“You have to sell it in the north, and they have to buy it from you there, that’s talent.”

Silvestre suggested to the artist to carefully analyze the new environment he wants to enter after the possible proposals made to him in other groups.

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Source: El heraldo