In video: Dog throws a ‘tantrum’ at its owner in the middle of the street

An unusual video has gone viral social networks. It’s about the strange behavior of a dog and its owner while they were taking what appears to be a stroll in the middle of the street.

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In the video published on the platform TikTok The dog is seen collapsed face up in the middle of the street, apparently throwing a ‘tantrum’ while the owner simultaneously tries to pick him up.

The dog makes no effort to move from where it was, despite the call of the man who seemed to be patiently waiting for the dog decided to get off the road.

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However, the owner did not give in to this dog games and continued to insist that they continue with the journey, but the pet remained determined not to walk.

At the last minute and after a few minutes on the spot, the man makes the decision to attack the man animal in the arms and walking away from the spot because he didn’t want to get up as if he didn’t want to walk any further.

The video provoked numerous reactions social networks by Internet users who jokingly emphasized the attitude of the dog’s owner, who never lost his temper and treated him well.

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Source: El heraldo